The First International Workshop on Sharing and Reuse of AI Work Products

As more AI technologies are used in industry applications, we anticipate that work products of AI will be shared and reused widely. Building AI-based systems involves creating and generating different types of “AI work products” such as training data sets, pretrained models, and AI-generated arts such as paintings and music. These work products are often results of heavy investment of human, data, and computer resources, and should carry some form of intellectual properties. Rules and best practices of sharing and reusing these work products are not very well agreed upon today. For the healthy proliferation of AI technologies in our society we believe now is the time to start discuss these issues. For example, when Company A applies a machine learning algorithm on a training data set prepared by Company B and generates a pretrained model of recognizing objects in images, who owns this pretrained model? How should Company C who wants to reuse this pretrained model by fine-tune it to their own domain compensate to the owner of the original model? These questions are related to various technical, legal, political, and practical issues.

This workshop is intended to be the first of series of discussions on the issues of sharing and reuse of AI work products.

CFP and Submission Guidelines

See our CFP at

Organizing Committee

  • Junichi Tsujii, Director, AI Center at National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST),
  • Joi Ito, Director of MIT Media Lab
  • Fei Fei Li, Professor at Stanford University (TBC)
  • Hiroaki Kitano, Sony Computer Science Laboratories, Inc.

Program Committee

  • Hiroshi Maruyama, CSO, Preferred Networks, Inc.
  • Magnus Rattray, Manchester University
  • Ryo Shimizu, President and CEO, UEI, Inc.
  • Tatsuhiro Ueno, Professor, Waseda Univ.
  • Hideki Asoh, AIST

Venue and Date

Saturday, August 19: Workshop in Melbourne, Australia. See the IJCAI-17 workshop page at


All questions about submissions should be emailed to Hiroshi Maruyama (Program Chair,