Mr. Martin Physical Education

Remember to drink plenty of water while you find ways to be active and healthy!

Check out this video for a fun way to share what you are up to. Your other classmates and I would love to see how you're staying active. I hope everyone has taken the chance to enjoy this beautiful weather!

Week 2:

As we continue to move forward with our unique learning environments, I encourage everyone to keep on taking some time to be active with your bodies. The Resources page will continue to update with activities and exercises that you can choose to use. You do not have to use these, but they are here if you want to try them. If you already have a routine going where you are being active and getting exercise, that's fantastic! Continue doing your own activities and games, inside and outside. If you want to try something new, look at the Resources page for ideas. I hope all of you are doing well at home!

Week 1:

While completing classroom work from home, don't forget about the health of your body. Without the structure of an ordinary school day, it can be difficult to use healthy habits at home on our own. Exercising our body, eating healthy foods, drinking enough water, and getting enough sleep are important to keeping your body healthy. A healthy body also helps you succeed at your other schoolwork. Look through this site for different ways you can stay healthy at home and how to track your progress. Pick one or more of these pages and complete the worksheet. If you are not able to print or download the worksheets, use your own sheet of paper. Don't forget to check out the resources page for exercises and games that can be done at home! Parents might enjoy them too!

Parents: If you have lower elementary children, please help your child go through each page. They might need help printing, downloading, or getting started on a different sheet of paper. They might also need help starting videos and reading through instructions.