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Tips For Preparing A Sprinkler System For Spring

As spring approaches, lawns are getting ready to turn green again, and homeowners may be getting ready to use their sprinkler systems. According to lawn care experts, there are a few important tasks that everyone should do before turning on the sprinkler for the first time each spring. Experts in sprinkler maintenance Denver recommend the following steps to ensure that the system is in good condition and ready to do its job.

Winterize Before The First Freeze

Ideally, homeowners should winterize their sprinkler systems before the first freeze. This process involves blowing out all the water trapped within the system and letting it drain completely so that nothing can freeze inside the pipes. Homeowners can do this task themselves if they have an air compressor. If a sprinkler system has not been winterized, it's important to get it inspected and possibly repaired before putting it to use.

Turn On The Water Slowly

When turning on the main water supply, it's important to let the pipes fill up very gradually. Letting in too much water right away can cause the water hammer effect, when the water makes a banging noise in the pipes. In addition, too much water pressure can actually cause pipes to develop leaks or to burst open.

Activate The Controller

The controller is the box that holds the timer for the sprinkler system. Homeowners should make sure that each zone of the sprinkler system is activated so that they can perform a complete inspection.

Check Each Sprinkler Head

Once the system is operating, it's important to check each station individually. The homeowner should make sure that the sprinkler heads are above ground level; sometimes they can sink too far down due to shifts in the ground structure. In addition, some sprinkler heads may need to be cleaned or replaced if they are not spraying or rotating correctly. It's also a good idea to check that water pressure is consistent. Low pressure may indicate a leak in a pipe under the ground.

Set The Controller

Once the inspection is complete, use the controller to program the sprinkler system to water the lawn automatically. It may also be a good idea to replace the controller's battery at this time, depending on its age.

Once the sprinkler system has been inspected and programmed, homeowners should still keep an eye on it, especially the first few times it runs. If they notice any issues, they should call a professional in Sprinkler repair Denver to assess the system and provide a solution.