Spring of '64

April 30th, - May 2nd, 2021

Presented by Battle Stands


As the Union army advances south, in pursuit of the Army of Tennessee, every river becomes a defensive barrier, every stand of tree a potential ambuscade. Come and experience the same trials and tribulations that the men of these armies experienced. Trek through open fields and wooded brush in an attempt to turn Johnston's flank. Erect fortifications and fell trees to slow Sherman's advance. Scout, picket and skirmish along winding creeks with fords and primitive constructed bridges. Mainstream, Campaigner, and Civilian reenactors welcome. All of this and more awaits you in the spring of 2021, at Pyramid State Park, near Pinckneyville, IL.

For questions on amenities and all other inquires, contact Terry Crowder at genffd5@gmail.com

Overall Federal Coordinator: Jim Phillips

Overall Confederate Coordinator: Nick Medich

Mainstream/Static Camps

Static camps for all mainstream reenactors will provide areas for large camps with room for any and all tents. Camps will be separated by Infantry, Artillery, Cavalry, and Civilian. Camps will be marked by signage and have access to water and bathrooms, along with being located close to area for sutler row. Any campaigner not wanting to participate in the immersion side of the event will have an opportunity to set up a separate "authentic camp" just outside of the mainstream camps. We want to give mainstream reenactors an opportunity to participate, work with, and experience what those in the campaigner side of the hobby have to offer. Let's all work together to bridge the gap in the hobby and come together as Living Historians.

Impression Guidelines listed below are for all reenactors, we encourge all mainstream reenactors to review and work in an effort to meet these guidelines to the best of their ability. Impressions and guidelines are NOT mandatory for mainstream reenactors and unit commanders are asked only to encourage these guidelines for impression.



Overall Federal Coordinator:

Jim Phillips

Overall Confederate Coordinator: Nick Medich

Both Union and Confederate Campaigner Regiments are forming!!!!!!......................... JOIN THE FIGHT!!!!

Infantry Regiments with a minimum of 6 companies! Infantry Companies with a minimum of 20 enlisted men! Each Regiment with supporting Cavalry, Flying Artillery, and Wagons! This will be one of the best events of 2020 so FIND YOUR UNIT, GET REGISTERED, WORK ON YOUR KIT, AND WE WILL SEE YOU IN THE SPRING OF '64!

Friday Field Service May 1st, 2nd

Campaign reenactors will go live Friday at 1pm and will be in the field until returning to parking area Sunday afternoon post battle. All campaigners will be issued rations Friday before going live and entering the field for the weekend. Static scheduled battles will take place Saturday and Sunday afternoon and both campaginer regiments and mainstream forces will meet on the field for engagement. All of this and more awaits those who register and attend SPRING '64

Put your knowledge of the field to the test. Join the Battle Stands staff as we immerse hundreds of like-minded reenactors in a "field service" recreation of the battle of Lay's Ferry, crossing the Oostanaula on the road to Atlanta. Join fellow soldiers as they duke it out with only your equipment and knowledge of the field to triumph.

Need directions? The pin on the map leads straight to registration.

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