Spring Cleaning Battle Strategies

Spring cleaning is something no one wants to do. It is like declaring war on your clutter. So what do you do to win this war? Divide and conquer. Here are some battle strategies to help you get spring cleaning.

1) The Fridge

Even after you throw away or compost all the food that went bad, you are not done with your refrigerator. Time to get rid of the grime that give it its funny smell. Mix two tablespoons of baking soda with hot water. Use a wash cloth damp with the solution to wipe out your fridge. Dry with a clean towel. Do not use cleaning detergents or soap here because your food will absorb the scents from them.

2) Clean the Grout

Combine equal parts warm water and vinegar in a spray bottle. Spray on the affected grout and let it soak for five minutes. Next, combine baking soda and water to make a thick paste. Cover the grout lines with the paste and let it sit for ten minutes. Then use an old toothbrush to scrub the grout and rinse with water.

3) Mattress Management

Your mattress should be moved around four times a year. You might remember to turn it around now and then, but most likely you forget when you turned it around or forget to turn it at all.However, it should be turned every three months.

To remember, pin two cards on the foot and head of your mattress. On one card write "January" and then write "April" upside down. On the other, write "October" and then write "July" upside down. This will remind you to switch your mattress on the months you need to.

4) Winter Wardrobe Cleanout

There are always some articles of clothing that you will not need until next winter, no matter how unpredictable the weather is being. Instead of letting them take up space in the back of your closet for six months, pack them up in cheap moving boxes and put them in storage until next winter. This is also a good chance to get rid of winter coats that are old, worn, or too small. If a coat is too worn out, or is so outdated you never wear it anymore, then get rid of it instead of letting it take up space in your home.

5) Banishing Clutter

Unnecessary clutter has a way of sneaking up on you. It can hide in nooks and crannies in the house and garage, almost unnoticed, but always annoying. It's time to get rid of that clutter. Go through your closets, garage, and loft and sort through items. If you haven't needed or even thought about it in a few months, then you don't need it. If you can't even remember the last time you used a certain item or where you got it from, then you really have no use for it. Pack it up in some cheap moving boxes and get rid of it or put it in storage so you can use that space for better use.