Spotify Wrapped 2022

Congratulate yourself for surviving a turbulent year (well, most of it is in the past). It's time to reflect on all that's new in 2022. This includes new music we discover and songs we've played many (and many) times. Spotify's annual recap can be found here. At Wrapped 2022, we're ready to recap your musical tastes from the past year.

Wrapped bpkb brings together all of your most listened to artists, tracks and albums into an eye-catching personal infographic that you can share as a card on social media. Like 2021 Wrapped, you can use the Spotify app on your iPhone or Android to access all these great stats like total time spent playing on Spotify, top 5 artists, podcasts, songs, top genres and more. The service shows you the songs you play most often, along with the number of plays and the date you played them most. But all this is not old. Includes some new stuff for 2022

Listener Personality: Based on your listening habits over the course of the year, Spotify automatically assigns you one of 16 different listener personalities, such as "Wanderer" or "Adventurer." Spotify has a dedicated page explaining all personality types and what to say about their musical tastes.

Audio Day: We listen to different music depending on our mood. Spotify shows you commonly preferred musical moods in the morning, afternoon, and evening.

In addition to adding these 2022 Wrapped shareable cards, Spotify is working with Bitmoji to create Wrapped-themed Bitmoji, GIF-supporting Wrapped-themed GIFs, and working with Roblox , created a Wrapped-related Spotify Island and did some cool stuff in the metaverse. Like last year, his top 40,000 artist fans on Spotify will receive an exclusive thank you video in the "Your Artists Revealed" playlist, as well as a year-end thank you YouTube video from top artists.

Most users should be able to see the Spotify Wrapped infographic in the app by now. Even if you don't use Spotify much, you can still turn up the volume on our 2022 global top apps list. If you use YouTube Music more than Spotify, check out our 2022 roundup on the YouTube Music app and the main YouTube app. There are also some Spotify Wrapped alternatives you can try.

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