Spotify redeem

Note: spotify redeem Your account’s country or region settings need to match where the gift card was purchased.

How do I redeem my Spotify code?

Redeem a Spotify gift card

  1. Log in at spotify redeem.

  2. Take care to scratch off and remove the PIN covering on the reverse of the card.

  3. Enter the PIN or the code on your receipt.

  4. Click Redeem.

What is the reason my Spotify card not working?

Here's the solution to get the Spotify gift card working: Clear your computer's cache. ... Don't toss out your excellent gift cards, and don't think that a poor cashier couldn't correctly activate your card. Remove your old caches, cash out your card, and then listen to whatever makes you smile.

Can Spotify Gift cards work together?

Do it make sense for the Spotify Gift Card stack on my existing subscription? Yes. If you have more gift cards from Spotify that you can redeem the longer you'll be able to benefit from Spotify Premium

What is the reason Spotify require my postcode?

The best choice for a music streaming service appeared to be Spotify because it's compatible with both platforms. ... It appears that Spotify needs address verification in order to make sure that all family members belong to one household So the addresses must be entered in the same way.

How do I enable my Spotify premium in the app?

Choose Get More in the menu of Products. Choose from the Spotify tab. Click activate on the number you'd like to activate using Spotify Premium. You'll be taken directly to the Spotify website to finish your Spotify Premium account's creation and activation.

Why can't my Spotify redeem code working?

Codes are case-sensitive and numbers and letters may appear quite similar, like O and zero. If you are still having trouble then contact the customer support team via the online contact form , containing the code. They will be able check it for you.

Use for your Spotify gift card

Customers can only make redemptions of Spotify gift cards via (not apps). You can redeem the Spotify gift cards is available for every country however, the country or region's account settings should match the country the country where the card was purchased. The gift card holders should know that when redeeming a gift card , the Spotify account currency must be tallied with the currency on the Gift card. Here are the steps for redeeming an Spotify present card

  1. Go to and log into

  2. If you don't have an Spotify yet then you may need to sign up for a Spotify account

  3. Peel off the layer of the PIN on the reverse of the card.

  4. You must enter the PIN code or PIN from your receipt into the column that is provided

  5. Click the Redeem button.

In these five simple steps, you are able to redeem the gift card at spotify .com. However, redeeming an electronic gift card is a bit different than the digital gift card mentioned above. Here are the steps needed to redeem an e Gift from Spotify card:

Users of Spotify gift cards can only use up to an 18-month premium subscriptions for their account at a time. Only gift cards that are activated can be used through If you purchased the card at a retail store but it's not activated, you may have go back to the shop and ask to activate it for you. If your card doesn't function after 24 hours of activation or if you're finding it difficult to read the code, call Spotify helpline to make a complaint.

How to Redeem and Use a Spotify Gift Card

Gift cards either physical or digital can be used quickly and easily. Follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Spotify account at spotify redeem on your Mac or PC.

  2. On the reverse of the present card (physical) Look for an PIN, or code. Enter the zip code that is associated with the address you entered when you set up the account.

  3. Enter "ENTER CODE" when you're done.

  4. The credit card's funds will be used to redeem the card and then deposited into the account.