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Wearing the Right Sports Mouth Guard

Healthy activity is important for a human body. This is the reason that parents are now pretty much interested in giving their children the opportunities to participate in sport activities along with the academics. In fact, sport activities also give healthy support to the brain. Hence, the children who remain physically active in their lives do well in the studies too.

When we talk about sports, there has to be a discussion about the safety during these activities. Now, parents give their children complete kits to ensure their safety during sports they like. But most of them ignore the most obvious danger which children face while playing. It’s the teeth’s safety. A sudden impact of hard object can lead to cracks, chips and even tooth loss. Having that said, there are certain aggressive sports for which wearing mouth guards remains to be a necessity. But, there are some less aggressive sports for which the use of mouth guards is not recommended by sports professionals. Still, there is fair mouth of danger lying ahead if mouth guard is not worn. Hence, it remains to be the parents’ job to ensure the safety of their children. So, they should get their children the mouth guard even if the sport they play doesn’t seem to be that aggressive.

Having said about the importance of mouth guards, now it is worth mentioning the types of mouth guards that can be used.

Stock mouth guards

These mouth guards are also called over-the-counter mouth guards. Since it is the cheapest kind, it’s not highly recommended if there are some specific dental issues which can get worse with the use of it. These mouth guards are bulky and they are made to be used right away after purchase. Hence, these mouth guards might not fit in the mouths of majority of users.

Boil and bite

Although these mouth guards are also to be bought from the stores, there is a bit of customization they offer. You need to put the mouth guard of this kind into the boiling water in order to soften it. When it is softened, you can wear it and bite it with force. The mouth guard takes the shape of your dental structure, becoming usable for the future.

Customizable mouth guard

This one is the most expensive mouth guard you can get. However, its quality is amazing because of the quality of material and the fact that it would be made just for you. You cannot get this mouth guard from the store. You will be able to get it prepared for you from your dentist.

My Daily Dental Routine

My dental routine hasn’t been the best my entire life, but I’d like to think that it’s pretty top notch as of late, so much so that I wanted to share it with you guys in case you’re at a point that you feel yours could be better. While it takes discipline more than anything, sometimes it’s great to see how other people do things and that’s all the motivation and guidance you need to get started on your own.

I’m not suggesting my own dental routine is exemplary, but I feel it shows how far you can come considering I didn’t used to brush my teeth but just once a day with no other care to my dental health.

With that said, I’ll get into my typical day from a chronological perspective.

The morning

After showering, I’m almost always brushing my teeth immediately. There’s something about getting it out of the way while the mirrors are still fogged and I’m still wrapped in a towel. It makes me feel cleaner to get it done then and there. After brushing for two minutes and spitting the toothpaste in the sink, I typically put my clothes on and come back to rinse with mouthwash for around a minute. While some people don’t use mouthwash, I feel it gives my breath that extra kick it needs while also dislodging any remaining particles in my mouth.

The afternoon

While I don’t take my toothbrush or anything to work to brush immediately after lunch, I do make sure to brush my teeth with water and baking soda once I get home from work. This is my makeshift whitening “program” while also dislodging morsels of food that may be hanging around. It’s not necessarily to clean my teeth entirely so much as it is to just give it a light rinse for some midday maintenance.

Before bed

This is when I probably do most of my work on my teeth since I have more time to tend to them than other parts of the day. I typically start by brushing them for two minutes, just like the morning, to get the most of the “cleaning” out of the way. Following this, I’ll take the time to floss between each and every tooth because there’s always some bits of food and plaque left around after each and every day. (Every now and then I’ll lead with flossing and then brush, but it’s not a big difference one way or the other honestly.) Finally, I like to rinse with a little bit of salt water to not only get the remaining bit of food particles out but also to heal any sores, bleeding, or anything else that may have occurred while doing a deep floss.