Rev. Dr. Janice L. Dreshman partners with Rev. Kris Seastedt for KRANTASTIC Special Events, workshops, classes, lectures, circles, demonstrations, consultations, volunteerism and even "tag team" reads! Their work together has been described as phenomenally fun! Both Janice and Kris believe it is both a pleasure and privilege to serve God/Spirit and to offer Love, light, laughter and fun with their work! Also, both Janice and Kris have been featured in media, print and radio with their work!

You can also stay in touch with them on Facebook under Psychic Medium Dr. Janice Dreshman and Psychic Medium Kris!

Fairy Elements & Meditation

Shamanic Drumming & Elemental Meditation

The KRAN Fairy Deck

The Kran Ancient Wisdom Deck

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