Module 3: “Lenses and Images”

PRIDE = Respect

Goal: Highlight ways each group member is unique and discuss how individuality affects the dynamics of a group. How is ‘respect’ displayed in our relationships, our school, our local/national/global community, and where is there room to grow?

Last module, we looked at behaviors and mindsets and related them to personal responsibility.

This module, we use some diagrams and information to analyze ourselves and others and how to show respect for ourselves and others.

Download 2-Sided Printable Lesson (Module 3)

Activity 1: “Listen Closely”

Activity 2: “Image vs. Essence”

Activity 3: Activity Ideas

Activity 4: “The Curve of Growth”

*Note: this module may begin to break into what could be emotionally heavier ground for participants; being ready to modify to your students’ needs will be important to success