Module 5: “Taking Risks”

PRIDE = Determination

Goal: Building off trust and rapport that the group has developed, this module will be a series of team challenges meant to mix up leaders and challenge comfort zones.

Last module, we learned a lot about our fellow students, and we showed integrity by allowing our true selves to be present while we respectfully engaged in discussions and activities.

This module, we start and end with group discussions of our strengths and the concept of risk vs. reward. We connect these ideas to real life and to ‘Determination’.

Download 2-Sided Printable Lesson (Module 5)

Activity 1: Discussion: 'Challenge Zones’+ intro week+review last week

Activity 2: Group Challenge: ‘River of Slime’

Activity 3: Group Challenge: ‘The Marble Challenge’

Activity 4: Activity: ‘Tank’