In The News

We're in the news again! This time, it's because we've passed the 1000 mark of Busters we have sent out! A big thanks to everyone who has donated their time and money to help support breast cancer survivors.

In 2017 Pat Anderson was interviewed by Sharp Memorial Hospital for her work.

As a breast cancer survivor, Pat Anderson knows how difficult it can be to undergo a mastectomy. After a long career as a textile artisan, she is now using her talents to help other survivors by knitting them handmade breast prosthetics called "Busters."

Southern California's KTQV News interviewed Pat Anderson about her "Busters"

- October 19th, 2019

There are no connections between Busters and any other charity project or non-profit currently being offered, Busters was developed specifically from a survivors point-of-view for women who are working with the consequences of being a breast cancer survivor. She’s offering them as a gift from one survivor to another. As a survivor herself, she knows what a great idea this is and wants to share it with others so she asked me to help spread the word. Busters are never for sale. The original concept behind this project was to give them as a gift from one survivor to another but it has grown into much more...