Spicing up Your Storage

Storage containers and spaces can become a bit bland, unorganized, and forgotten in your everyday life. And let’s be honest, things are put away in storage because they don’t require use in your everyday life anymore. That’s the whole point, right?

However, that doesn’t mean you can, or should, just throw everything in cardboard boxes, shove them away in a closet, and consider it all taken care of. That may be the easier way, but that sounds like a recipe for forgetting what you put where and creating more work for yourself down the road when you go to dig that item out.

Instead, why not organize everything a little? Whether you have some impressive storage messiness already ongoing or you’re thinking about putting things away for the first time, put just a tiny bit of effort into the process.


More than anything labeling your cardboard boxes, bins, totes, and other containers with appropriate titles will make your life so much easier when the time comes to search through your things. Whether you simply put labeling tape on a box or get creative by painting or crafting legit labels, you’re doing yourself a big favor by being proactive and sticking to your labels.

Orderly organization

Seems redundant, right? But organizing your items within their labeled boxes or spaces does so many good things. First, you’ll have a much easier time finding things if they’re not thrown together haphazardly. Instead of rummaging through a box of old trinkets and books and items, you’ll almost be able to see what you need before reaching in.

Another great thing about doing this is protecting your stuff. The more you toss into a box willy nilly, the easier it is to damage the things you put in storage. The thing is, these items are going to be away in storage for pretty much the rest of your life (until you have a yard sale or finally toss them, that is). You at least want to protect some of the nicer or more expensive things.


Basements, attics, and closets are typical choices for putting things away in storage, and rightly so: they’re places out of your way and invisible in your daily life. However, just remember to be careful with basements because of the potential of flooding or leaky pipes and attics because of dust accumulation. If you’re wanting a certain item to be protected, take the steps necessary to ensure that you don’t find it in shambles a few years down the road.

Creating a great storage space can be a tedious task at first, but future you will thank yourself along the way when things are where they’re supposed to be, easy to locate, and in the same condition you once left it in.