Spicehead Karaoke Night!

When Spiceworld was a much smaller and more "unconventional" conference with a limited budget they had to come up with alternative ideas for entertainment. Previous years had shown that Spiceheads are "outgoing?" And so a legend was born. The first few years, conference goers got to partake in "Live Band Karaoke!" Its was epic, setting the tone of Spiceworld as a conference of legend!

Today with thousands in attendance, karaoke is not really an option . But Spice heads are not one to let a tradition die so easily.

In 2018 we brought back karaoke the way Spiceheads always do. With an "Unofficial Spiceheads Karaoke Night!"

Who: All Spiceheads Welcome!

What: A karaoke dive bar with cheap beer and Spiceheads.

Where: Egos - Just south east of the ACL

510 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX 78704

When: Tuesday Night till 2am (Immediately after the main party at the ACL)

Tell your fellow Spiceheads where your at.