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Welcome to the South Point High School "Pride of the Tribe" Red Raider Marching Band. We are located in the town of Belmont, NC. Our marching band is one of a kind, full of awesome students, staff and band parents. Whether you're here as a new band parent or student, a returnee or just out of curiosity, we want to welcome you!


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**All photos courtesy of Tarheel Sports Photography

Abi Barbu was one of our colorguard captains this year. She was also a part of the winterguard where she served as a capatin. She played clarinet her freshman, sophmore and senior years. Abi plans to go into international business for her undergrad and then go to law school. Abi's advice to underclassmen in band is: Hold on to every moment you have with your band family, they will make you stronger and help you grow into who you are. Her fondest memory of band: My fondest memory of band is being at competitions after we perform, when we all wait for awards to be announced and it feels like time has stopped. Everyone in the stands holding hands in anticipation, then screaming when we win first, and the awards council shaking with excitement when we know that grand champion is going to be ours. To be fair though, band in itself is phenomenal, from band camp and guard camp to football games and competitions, I can’t remember there being a single thing I didn’t look forward to.

Garvin Collins was one of our drum majors this year. He also played french horn and mellophone. His future plans are to attend NC A & T University. Garvin's advice to underclassmen is: 1. Stay hungry and stay motivated 2. Never waste an opportunity 3. Always strive to bring a piece of yourself to each piece of music that you play. His fondest memory of band: Winning grand champion this marching band season and seeing everyone excited in that moment, knowing that all of their hard work had paid off. Also winning first place drum major.

Senior Caleb Davis played trombone and bass trombone. He will be attending Liberty University in the fall. Caleb's advice to underclassmen is: Listen to Hamilton and don’t speak over him, you learn a lot more that way and get to play a lot more as well. His fondest memory of band: The grand champion win was amazing, being able to be on the field to hear our band called for it then having the entire band rush the field was an unforgettable moment, also banana Hamilton.

Senior Caden Dowdle played trumpet and french horn. He plans to attend a four year college in the future. His advice to underclassmen: Do what Mr. Hamilton says and all will be well. His fondest memory of band: When Mr. Hamilton had to wear the banana suit and it so happened to land on a long practice day so we got to see him in the banana suit for an extra long time.

Connor Hayes served as our low brass section leader this year. He played baritone and trombone for our band. His future plans are to attend NC State University and get a job to start chipping away at his debt:) Connor's advice to underclassmen is: Never let anyone get in the way of what you want or make marching band not worth it. It's hard not to get into arguments or complications with people you are in such close proximity with, but you can still love everything you do. Don't let other people make you feel down. His fondest memory of band: Its hard to pick just one memory so I have to say-anytime I was with my section. I remember sitting in the stand during a Friday night football game and my entire section, all 8 of us, huddling under one, not so big, blanket. We were so compact there was no breathing room but we didn't care. Also, I remember dancing in the stands with my section, with my eyes closed as if no one was watching, and we would all do the most embarrassing of dances. No one was gonna stop us from having our fun.

Brianna Hammon served as our clarinet section leader this year. She plans to attend Lenoir-Rhyne University where she will study to become a nurse. Her advice to band underclassmen: Cherish every moment you have, it goes by a lot faster then you think. Make those memories with the people you love. Brianna's fondest memory of band: Finally winning grand champion after lots of hard work and/or winning band queen

Adam Lucas played alto saxophone for our band. He plans to attend Appalachian State University in the fall. Adam's advice to band underclassmen: Stay in band all four years. His fondest memory of band is: Practicing in Jazz Band.

Luke McCormick was one of our drum majors this year. He also played the trumpet, baritone, trombone & euphonium for our band. His future plans are to Attend NC State University and major in Forestry Management. His advice for underclassmen is: No matter what, be confident in your abilities and don’t let other peoples accomplishments define your own success and personal growth. His fondest memory of band: The first time Mr. Hamilton gave his victory speech at the competition freshman year. & Winning Grand Champions at competition.

Bao Phan served as a member of our colorguard and also played the trumpet. Her future plans are to major in ethics, politics, and economics at Yale University, attend law school, and pursue a career in public policy. Bao's advice to band underclassmen: enjoy your time with this family. also to the guard: “catch both hands same time all the time” -Samantha Her fondest memory of band: running onto the field when we won grand champion.

Lewis Pontz served as section leader for the mellophones this year. He also played the french horn for our band. His future plans are to attend Michigan State University for a degree in meteorology. After college, he hopes to buy a nice house and find the love of his life:) His advice to underclassmen: To really give your determination in band, you’ll have your ups and downs but if you strive to do better and you try hard enough giving your 110% all the time you will do great things together in band. His fondest memory of band: Me doing the Greatest Showman 3rd movement dance.

Evan Poteate served as our percussion captain this year. He has played tenor, snare and bass drum for our band. Evan hopes to complete grad school and start work in the energy field. His favorite memory of band: The Black Friday pep rally, particularly from 2016.

Ryan Proud played both trombone and baritone for our band. He plans to attend NC State University and later start a family. His advice to underclassmen is: Mainly just to savor ever moment of the time you have to spend with this amazing family. His fondest memory of band: I really enjoyed hanging out with the low brass section during the Friday night Football games.

Abby Soltis served as one of our colorguard captains this year. She plans to attend High Point University Honors College in the fall. Her advice to band underclassmen are: Cherish the time you have with your bandmates, enjoy it!! 4 years goes by so fast. Her fondest memory of band: A score of 97 points for colorguard at Porter Ridge!! Being grand champions!!

Carlin Spence served as our woodwind captain this year playing both flute and piccolo. Her future plans are to attend NC State University to earn a dual degree in Aerospace Engineering and Psychology. Carlin's advice to band underclassmen are: savor every moment and try something you normally wouldn’t, like trying out for a leadership position or auditioning for a solo. Her fondest memory of band: Taking the field on Friday nights for the football halftime show

Cassidy Taylor played double bass, synthesizer and tuba/sousaphone. Her future plans are to attend UNC-Charlotte. Her advice to underclassmen: While music is important (and so is marching) don't let it consume your life in band. What should consume your life with is the family experience you'll gain from the wonderful peers and staff you're surrounded by. If you socialize and become apart of the family everything else will fall into place fairly easily, because you'll not only love the show or pieces then, you'll love your family members marching beside you on the field who play their hearts out with you as well. I love all of you guys even those I have yet to meet, you're my forever family. ❤ Her fondest memory of band: My fondest memory is honestly very hard to decide because it seems every memory of band is equivalent in the closeness to my heart it holds. I enjoyed band camp and competitions and virtually every aspect of band. However, I would say my fondest memory was getting on the field for every competition or game and doing a little good luck "handshake" with my tuba babies (which we all made up together).

Senior Alec Via played soprano, alto, tenor and baritone saxophones for our band over the years. He plans to go into mathematics education at ASU in the fall. His advice to band underclassmen is: realize that growing up is about learning from your mistakes. Fearing mistakes will only slow you down for any future aspirations you decide to journey down on. His fondest memory of band is: The best memory I have are the friends I made along the way.

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