Spencer Schneider loves adventure and being outdoors and living in San Diego, why wouldn't he. He loves hanging out with his friends swimming and playing basketball, but of things he and his friends do together Skateboarding is his favorite.

Spencer Schneider has been riding a skateboard since he was a kid. At first, it was something he did for fun, but as he got older Spencer Schneider realized that riding a skateboard was more than just a fun hobby. For example, whenever he needed a ride somewhere and nobody was around to drive him, he could always just hop on his skateboard to get anywhere he wanted to go. Spencer Schneider liked that idea because living in sunny California, there was so much to do every day, and he did not want to miss anything. In fact, the more he used his skateboard to get around places, the more he liked riding it. Skateboarding was more than just a mode of transportation to Spencer Schneider, now it was his new passion.

Spencer Schneider

Like anything else he finds interesting, Spencer Schneider started reading all the books he could find about skateboarding. He researched them over and over and then he would watch videos of other skateboarders and study them carefully. He would practice their tricks and make sure he was doing them the correct way. Everyone knew that if he wasn't at home, he was most likely off practicing.

Spencer Schneider says that once skateboarding had become his favorite thing to do, he began to take more of an interest in professional skateboarders like Rob Dyrdek and Tony Hawk. He and his friends wanted to learn some of the tricks they were doing, so they would go to the skatepark and practice different tricks. He says that most of the time they would tape each other and then play it back to see where their mistakes were. Spencer Schneider admits, that many times, they would sit around after and laugh at themselves over how foolish they looked.

Today, the advice that Spencer Schneider has for anyone who is thinking about taking up skateboarding, to definitely go on youtube and watch some of the how-to videos. There are plenty of skateboarders who post videos to help new skateboarders learn the tricks of the trade. Spencer Schneider also says you should not get discouraged. Keep practicing, and you will most likely be able to learn whatever you are seeking to accomplish. Just be sure to be sporting a helmet and safety pads so you don't injure yourself too badly. Otherwise, you may end up on Rob Dyrdek's show Ridiculousness.