Skateboarding Meets Fitness Training

Spencer Schneider loves adventure and being outdoors. A native of New Bedford, MA, he grew up skating and playing sports. A skater turned fitness trainer, he now brings skateboarding into the gym. It all started with his childhood love of skating around his hometown. Now, Schneider is making waves in fitness training by incorporating skateboarding and sports-based routines into his workouts.

Spencer Schneider has been riding a skateboard since he was a kid. At first, it was something he did for fun, but as he got older Schneider realized that riding a skateboard was more than just a fun hobby. Whenever he needed a ride somewhere and nobody was around to drive him, he could always just hop on his skateboard to get anywhere he wanted to go. The more he used his skateboard to get around places, the more he liked riding it. Skateboarding was more than just a mode of transportation to Spencer, it was his new passion.

Spencer Schneider

Like anything else he finds interesting, Spencer Schneider started reading all the books he could find about skateboarding. He researched them over and over and then he would watch videos of other skateboarders and study them carefully. He would practice their tricks and make sure he was doing them the correct way. Everyone knew that if he wasn't at home, he was most likely off practicing.

Schneider says that once skateboarding had become his favorite thing to do, he began to take more of an interest in professional skateboarders like Rob Dyrdek and Tony Hawk. He and his friends wanted to learn some of the tricks they were doing, so they would go to the skatepark and practice different tricks. He says that most of the time they would tape each other and then play it back to see where their mistakes were. Spencer Schneider admits, that many times, they would sit around after and laugh at themselves over how foolish they looked.

Today, the advice that Spencer Schneider has for anyone who is thinking about taking up skateboarding is to start by watching some of the how-to videos on YouTube. There are plenty of skateboarders who post videos to help new skateboarders learn the tricks of the trade. Schneider also says you should not get discouraged. Keep practicing, and you will most likely be able to learn whatever you are seeking to accomplish. Just be sure to be sporting a helmet and safety pads so you don't injure yourself too badly. Otherwise, you may end up on Rob Dyrdek's show Ridiculousness.

Spencer Schneider Training

In 2017, Spencer Schneider launched his own fitness training program, Spencer Schneider Training. His workouts are enjoyed by clients for the unique edge he brings to the gym: sports-based workouts. He regularly hosts scrimmage games which bring competition to fitness training in an innovative way.

After utilizing conventional training techniques for the first year of Schneider Training, the fitness trainer decided to spice up the game by incorporating sports games in his gym. This approach has been greatly enjoyed by life-long athletes and clients simply looking to have fun while working out.

Continuing with his love of skateboarding, he has developed workout routines that include his favorite childhood past time. The idea to incorporate sports in his fitness training began with more conventional team sports, like baseball and basketball. Spencer's introduction of sports to fitness training was positively received by his clients. Competitively-minded clients enjoyed the opportunity to show off their skills while working out.

After realizing that the programs were catching on with his clients, he decided to kick things up a notch by bringing skateboarding into the gym. The unique pairing has helped to set Spencer Schneider apart from other fitness trainers. Clients are always excited to try out his fun-fueled workout routines which rely on sportsmanship and athleticism. The idea to bring skateboarding into the mix was a no-brainer for the gifted fitness trainer.

Now a staple in his fitness training routines, he regularly hosts team-based games that rely on skateboarding. Client favorites have included skate basketball and skate baseball, as well as relay and obstacle course races.

Game of S.K.A.T.E.

Word traveled fast that Spencer Schneider was bringing skateboarding to his fitness training exercises. Soon, skaters wanted to join in on the fun. To keep things interesting and fired up, he began hosting organized Game of S.K.A.T.E. competitions with his talented skater clients. S.K.A.T.E. is very similar to the basketball game of H.O.R.S.E. which inspired its creation. Two skaters compete by trying out their favorite tricks. The player to go first attempts a trick of their choice. If he/she lands the trick, a letter (either S, K, A, T or E) is earned. Then, the second player must attempt and land the trick. The game continues until one player claims all five letters.

While the success of his skateboarding workout routines has been a highlight of his fitness training career, he's not stopping there. Spencer Schneider has big plans for his sports-based workouts. He plans on integrating even more sports, like lacrosse, swimming and speed skating. Although his Game of S.K.A.T.E. competitions have catered to already talented skaters, Schneider aims to offer something for everyone. Helping his clients achieve their goals while having an enjoyable time is something he doesn't plan on giving up any time soon.