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The SpeechForLife Difference

SpeechForLife Difference

  • We deliver exceptional personalized remote teletherapy including Speech & Language Therapy and Occupational Therapy Services.

  • At SpeechForLife our experienced team of Certified Speech-Language Pathologists and Licensed Occupational Therapists specialize in literacy, articulation of speech sounds, language development, stuttering, emotional and social skills, and sensory needs.

  • SpeechForLife recognizes the power of open communication with families, continuous parent education, and consistent family involvement in each session for visible therapy progress between therapy sessions.

  • The SpeechForLife difference combines family education with intensive individualized care, resulting in accelerated progress by inspiring children to achieve their highest level of academic and personal performance.

The SpeechForLife Journey

  • The Journey begins with a complimentary video consultation with you and your child to ensure we are a perfect fit for your needs, followed by a customized and comprehensive evaluation.

  • We believe is critical to examine all aspects of your child's speech-language, social-emotional regulation, and sensory needs in order to identify specific areas of strengths and weaknesses and accurately develop your individualized care plan.

  • During the initial consultation and evaluation your Certified Speech-Language Pathologist or Licensed Occupational Therapist will begin building a relationship with your child by listening to concerns, acknowledging fears, and identifying the undeniable motivations of your child.

  • Once SpeechForLife treatment begins, your therapist presents materials designed to peak the interest of your child in a thoughtful and sensitive way.

  • SpeechForLife client-therapist relationships are built on your child's thoughts, feelings, and interests, and in turn, create the ideal environment driving your child's success and achievement for lifetime.

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What is Teletherapy?

  • Teletherapy is live interactive therapy with a certified Speech-Language Pathologist or Occupational Therapist via a webcam with screen sharing, games, and other interactive features from the comfort of home or your child's school or academy.

  • Teletherapy is similar to Facetime or Skype, but SpeechForLife uses a HIPAA -compliant platform for maximum safety and security, with a secure messenger and protal for you to communicate with your therapist at any time.

  • This ideal therapy model allows SpeechForLife therapy to infuse therapy treatment into your home and family life resulting in accelerated progress and an overall shorter span of care.

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Why Teletherapy?

  • There is much speech-language pathology and occupational therapy research that says teletherapy is equal or more effective than in-person therapy, and the technology and tools have evolved over the past year 2020-2021.

  • If you are tired of running your family around town between activities... Stop running, and book your session here.

  • SpeechForLife, LLC recognizes the sacrifices of time and energy it takes to travel to therapy; eliminate the commute and the office wait, and enjoy our concierge speech services through teletherapy or onsite visits to your child's school.

  • With SpeechForLife Teletherapy, we keep it simple, just grab your computer or handheld device and click the private link to your child's therapy session.

  • Now you can participate in your child's session, and then return seamlessly to your life's other pleasures.

  • Worried that your child didn't do well with virtual school? Don't worry our team is trained in special strategies, techniques, and has the personality to keep your child engaged and entertained during their therapy sessions.


True Blessing πŸ₯°

Rachel has been a true blessing for our family as she’s helped my 6 year old son make great strides over the last 4 months, both in his speech and reading. I highly recommend SpeechForLife!

~J. Robinson

A Godsend πŸ˜‡

Speech-Language Pathologist, Rachel DeSando, is working with our son (and us) on executive functioning and social skills. She was ahead of the game with doing virtual therapy even prior to the pandemic. I was skeptical that the virtual would work with his age, but we have been very happy with the sessions, the convenience, and the progress/tools we have been learning about to help our son succeed.

For working parents this is a Godsend as you get to skip the commute time, the waiting room time, etc. She has all kinds of tools to reward the kids virtually and to keep them engaged. Every session has been highly customized based on our feedback to her. She is really great, and we want to make sure that other parents know she is out there.

J. Adkinson

Great Job ☺️

Mikey has been using SpeechForLife tele-therapy for almost 2 months and we have been very happy with the services provided. She has been very flexible and has done a great job working with our little jumping bean. If you or someone you know needs speech services, we would recommend Mrs. DeSando.


Creative 🎨

My child likes the computer resources used to enforce the lesson. He also likes the creative activities made specially for him.


Compassionate πŸ’™

Rachel is a skilled and compassionate therapist. I highly recommend her services.

Lisa W. Krasa


Customized πŸ—Ί

He loves the fun, customized games and activities that help him learn and practice skills!


Beautiful 🌟

Grateful for the love and thoughtfulness with our daughter. In the last year we've seen her grow even more confident little girl and really what more can we ask. This process has made our family closer because you have empowered us to be able support her and because of it, she is shining brighter. Keep doing what you're doing, it's beautiful.


Excellent!! πŸ†

Kristen is AMAZING with N.!!

N. can be tricky to connect with when he is pushed out of his comfort zone but Kristen is always patient, adds in special little things and takes his strengths and weaknesses into account. She is also really good about holding him accountable during the session, which is very important to me. It can be difficult for a child to understand that therapy is a privilege and that the therapist's time is valuable to the patient. Kristen does an excellent job of keeping N. on task while also allowing for connection, spontaneity, and fun!!


Fun πŸŽ‰

Rachel is amazing!! My 19 year old son needs speech therapy and I never thought he would agree to do it but he just loves working with Rachel, they have fun all while he learns. Thank you Rachel!!


Great πŸ™Œ

Rachel & Kristen, you’ve both been great!


Amazing 🌈

Kristen has been amazing!


Patient πŸ§˜πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

We love Rachel and Kristen - both are very kind, friendly and patient.


Possible 🌈

Miss Rachel’s energy, attitude and demeanor make everything possible. My daughter is always excited for class and ready to do her best because the positive reinforcement and praise is addictive!


Passionate 😍

Rachel's education in speech language pathology, experience in various health care settings, professionalism, and above all, her passion to help her clients, has enabled countless people, of all ages, to overcome speech/swallowing disorders and enjoy a greater quality of life. It's wonderful to see someone so passionate about her career!


Fantastic πŸ₯³

We love SpeechForLife! They are very knowledgeable, personable, and focused on helping us reach our goals; my whole family has learned so much from them. Honestly, I wasn't sure if virtual therapy would work for our active 5-year-old, but both Rachel and Natalie are fantastic at engaging him and personalizing his sessions, they are always interactive and fun!


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