I became interested in art at a very early age and continued that interest into adulthood, both as a hobby and a vocation, painting on canvas and gourds at home, and decorating cakes in several bakeries.  I especially enjoyed decorating for New Orleans legend Beulah Ledner (originator of the Doberge Cake) in the late 1970’s, when we lived in Metairie, Louisiana.  But when my husband gave me a new digital camera for our anniversary in 2012, I shifted my focus to  photography, to the exclusion of almost everything else, at least in his mind.  I  joined a local photography club, began studying online, and started taking pictures, especially of wildlife and nature, which are abundant near my home at Holly Lake Ranch in Wood County Texas.  My interest in photography quickly grew to a passion, as I discovered that digital cameras and photo editing software had progressed to a point of placing the art of producing images of God’s creation almost completely into the hands of the photographer, though a very liberal measure of patience is still required. 

Kathy Cagle Baker