Welcome to Special Musicians!

We are a non-profit passionately working to open up opportunities for those with different abilities to finally feel as powerful and capable as they actually are. Music is freedom, and we believe that everyone deserves to feel free through music. We aim to eradicate negative preconceived notions about those with different abilities and be a part of the group that truly inspires change and builds acceptance for all THROUGH music.

Image Description: Picture 1: Lucas B is wearing an orange shirt with blue sleeves and a thick grey stripe at by the neckline and blue pants. He is smiling while sitting on a chair behind a red and silver drum set. His hands are in the air holding a drumstick in each hand. Picture 2: Lucas H. is wearing a dark blue shirt with a light blue and yellow lizard on it. He is sticking his tongue out while holding his iPad in a black case showing a picture of a volunteer sitting on the ground sticking her tongue out. The volunteer has dark brown hair and is wearing a black shirt. Picture 3: Jaden is wearing a blue, orange, and white plaid button up shirt. He is sitting on a chair behind a red and silver drum set. He is playing the drums while tilting his head up and to the right to sing into the microphone. Picture 4: Kyle, Alyssa, Charlie, and Tallie sit in a half circle on the ground with a grey and pink polka dot open backpack and a variety of stuffed animals in the middle. Kyle (far left) has short blonde hair and is wearing a navy blue long sleeve shirt with blue jeans, his arms are crossed in the air. Alyssa (middle left) has medium length brown hair and is wearing a maroon long sleeve shirt, blue jeans, and black converse. Charlie (middle right) has short brown hair and is wearing a red iron man shirt, black pants, and red tennis shoes. He has a stuffed animal in his hands. Tallie (far right) has short brown hair and is wearing a magenta sweatshirt with the hood on her head. She has a grey shirt underneath, with black pants and pink tennis shoes. She has her left hand in the air. All four of the individuals are smiling while sitting with their legs crossed on the ground. Picture 5: Jillian (front) and Teju (back) work through playing a song during Jillian's performance. Jillian has light brown hair and is wearing a blue shirt and glasses. Teju has medium length dark brown hair and is wearing a red short sleeve shirt. Teju is using a pointer to help Jillian follow the notes in the song.

Image Description: Alice (left) and Avery (right) are on stage during Avery's Fall 2019 performance. Alice is wearing a black dress with white polka dots, she has light brown hair and it is in a ponytail. Alice is pointing both of her index fingers at the audience while Avery is only pointing her right finger at the audience. Avery is wearing a blue and white plaid shirt with a ruffle across the top, she has light brown hair and it is in a ponytail with a white bow. They are singing along to the song.

Image Description: All of the Omaha Branch musicians and volunteers gather on stage for one big group picture after the 2019 summer performance. Half of the musicians and volunteers are sitting while the other half are standing. There are 66 people in the picture, all wearing a variety of colors and types of clothing.

Image Description: Courtnay, Carley, and Sarah stop and smile for a picture during the Halloween session. Courtnay (left) has red hair that is pulled back into a ponytail except for her bangs and is wearing a red Nebraska shirt and is sitting on her walker. Carley (middle) has long blonde hair and is wearing a red lifeguard sweatshirt, she is on her knees. Sarah (right) has short brown hair and is wearing a a red and white hat with "The Chadron Polka Band" logo on it as well as a red shirt with a red button up shirt on top, she is in her wheelchair.

Current Sessions

Special Musicians is OPEN for session in Omaha, Lincoln, and Kearney with restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are still providing location-based virtual options to ensure the safety of our musicians and volunteers first and foremost.

Masks are now optional at all locations regardless of vaccination status!

For more information on how to get involved or find a location near you please see the 'Get Involved' tab.