Lending Library

Assistive Technology Lending Library and Software Lending Library

The SETC Lending Library and Software Lending Library allow school personnel to borrow AT devices and/or software for a one-month trial period. Items may be utilized in direct intervention with students, integrated into curricular activities or used for professional development purposes.

AT Lending Library Guidelines:

Borrowers must be affiliated with a school district in the state of Washington to borrow items from the Special Education Technology Center (SETC).

SETC items are loaned to the school district for 4 weeks.

While SETC items are checked-out, they are the responsibility of the school district. The items may be used by staff and families on or off the school property. If items become lost or damaged, the school district is responsible for repair or replacement costs.

SETC items should be returned on time and in the original or a similar packing container.

The borrower is responsible for return shipping costs including insurance.

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Questions about what to borrow? Email setc@cwu.edu

Switch Kits - NEW!!!

SETC has put together Switch Kits to help teachers and therapist explore switch access sites and skills with engaging activities. Each Switch Kit includes switches, a mount, a variety of switch toys , an iPad set up with an interface and switch accessible apps and a low tech eye gaze board with core vocabulary and pictures of activities available in the kits. Request a Switch Kit today!