Many students with special needs encounter learning obstacles that can be eliminated or minimized through AT interventions. Proper selection and effective implementation of such technology requires knowledge, skills and resources. The SETC staff can provide consultation and guidance to school district personnel through our consultation process. A consultation can be focused on an individual student or a classroom.

School district personnel may request assistance from the SETC when they feel that a student’s learning potential is hindered by a disability-related barrier. The barrier may obstruct a student’s access to classroom activities or interfere with the student’s ability to express what he/she has learned.

A consultation is not a technology evaluation or assessment; it is an opportunity for discussion and brainstorming that should lead to appropriate technology planning for a student. This process does not result in any definite prescription, nor does the process provide a letter of justification required for Medicaid funding. The school team is encouraged to take notes during the consultation and will be provided with the SETC team notes one week following the consultation. No formal report follows the consultation.

We offer three consultation formats (link to Consultation Format PDF):

  1. Telephone consultation with one SETC staff member (FREE)

  1. Webinar/video consultation with two SETC staff members ($300)

  1. Face to face consultation at school site or at a SETC Site ($600)

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To get started, complete a packet. Download the fillable PDF or use the online form.

Be sure to fill out a Photo/Video Release Form before you take pictures and video of your student

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