SETC Conference

Brenda Del Monte reading a book with a young student.

Believe in Assistive Technology:

Strategies for Children with Significant Disabilities Across ALL Learning Environments

Conference, Friday, January 29th, 2021

Believe in Assistive Technology:

Strategies for Children with Significant Disabilities Across ALL Learning Environments

As winter 2021 approaches and hybrid models of education begin, many districts will continue with online learning options. What does effective and meaningful online learning look like for our students with complex bodies and complex communication needs? What are some strategies to improve learning that could be implemented online and in-person?

Now, more than ever, a collaborative approach is needed to meet the needs of our students. We invite teachers, paraeducators, parents, speech-language pathologists, and motor therapists to participate in a day of professional development filled with practical tips for expanding language and increasing literacy skills across all environments. Evidence-based strategies to build communicative competencies for students with complex bodies will be shared. Demonstration of low-cost tools and online resources to increase student engagement and build collaborative learning opportunities with caregivers will be provided. Participants can expect a discussion of tech strategies and adaptations to evidence-based communication and literacy instruction for students with complex bodies, including those with visual impairment and English-language learners.


Participants will

1. Consider meaningful ways to connect with parents and caregivers for effective online service delivery model

2. Understand key issues around access methods, including how movement and positioning can improve engagement in learning for students with complex bodies

3. Learn five Augmentative and Alternative Communication options, including low tech, light tech, cost-conscience tech, AAC apps, and high-tech options.

4. Experience implementation strategies for expanding language and increasing literacy skills for in-person or online service delivery models.

5. Observe demonstrations of online AAC therapy strategies for students with visual impairments.

6. Investigate free and cheap AT and Online resources to meet student needs.

Clock Hours: 6 hour available through ESD 105 for a small fee. ESD105 has a unique registration page for clock hours. Search by ID 129849 , there is a small fee for this service.

Please contact for help with reasonable accommodations.

Audience: We invite therapists, teachers, paraeducators, parents, and students to attend.

Date: Friday, January 29th, 2021 Time: 8:30-3:30

Registration fee: $45 Register

Brenda Del Monte, MA CCC-SLP

photo by Eye of Odin Studios

Brenda Del Monte is a speech-language pathologist and an assistive technology evaluator and facilitator. She worked as an SLP in Washington State public schools for seven years. She is currently a private practitioner in Arizona at Advanced Therapy Solutions, where she does home-based therapy, as well as AAC evaluations and training. Brenda has presented her knowledge at Closing the Gap (2016, 2017), her collaborative research on accessing AAC at ATIA 2019) and a variety of topics at the AZ Technology Access Program over the last seven years. Brenda Del Monte is a co-founder of Believe Beyond Ability, a non-profit organization that evaluates, determines, provides, and trains those with multiple disabilities on assistive technology to increase independence in the State of Arizona. Brenda currently teaches webinars and provides AAC consultations remotely for Special Education Technology Center, CWU.