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The character set

Spectrum Model Identification

ZX Spectrum Models - by Spectrum For Everyone

ULA type identification and compatibility

ULA Identification - by Spectrum For Everyone


Spectrum compatibility issues - by Spectrum For Everyone


Memory contention and the Floating Bus - by Spectrum For Everyone



Servicing the Sinclair ZX Spectrum +2 Cassette Drive - by DataServe Retro

Servicing your +2’s Datacorder - by Spectrum For Eveyone


Servicing the Sinclair ZX Microdrive - by DataServe Retro

+3 Floppy Disk Drive

Servicing the Sinclair ZX Spectrum Disk Drive - by DataServe Retro

Replacing the drive belt on your +3 FDD - Spectrum For Everyone


48k to 128k D.I.Y. memory upgrade project

How to Quickly Diagnose 48K RAM Failures - by Spectrum For Everyone


Replacing the Keyboard Membrane - "Rubber Key" Spectrum - by DataServe Retro

Service Manuals

The Lil Old ZX Spectrum 48k Service Manual

Spectrum Mainboard

Recapping your Spectrum - by Spectrum For Everyone


Upgrades & Modifications


Adding an Ear port to a Grey +2 - by SFE

Fixing Audio Distortion on the Spectrum +3 - by SFE

Modifying a +2A Sound socket to accept tape input (+3 standard) - by SFE

Fixing the sound on the Spectrum +3 Improving the audio quality on the +2A/+3, +2B, and +3B - by ZXGuesser


Composite Mod for the 48K range - by SFE

How to fix Issue 1/2 yellow or blue screen tint - by SFE

Fixing Vertical ‘Jailbars’ on your 48K Spectrum - by SFE

Making your 128/+2/+2A/+3 RGB socket SCART compliant - by SFE

Modifying a +2A or +3 to Output Composite on the RGB Port - by SFE

Removing Blue/Yellow Ghosting from the 128/+2’s Video Output - SFE

Removing the 'Snow' effect on grey +2 machines - SFE

Video fixes and video cables for all ZX Spectrum 128K models - by Ben Versteeg


Issue 1 DIY 32K expansion board - by SFE

Upgrading a 16K Spectrum to 48K - by SFE

48k RAM failures - Fix it like a ninja


Fitting an EPROM to a 48K Spectrum - by SFE

ROM Selector - Victor Trucco

Joystick Ports

Rewiring your +2/+3 Joystick Ports to Atari Standard - by SFE


Floating Bus 'semi' re- implementation a Spectrum +2A / +3 - SFE


Upgrading esxDOS on your DivMMC device - by SFE

Spectrum Pictures