Между нами 7.7-8.2 speaking activities

Record each of your answers. Click "done" when you are satisfied with each answer, and then download them. Then you have to upload them to the dropbox for this activity. If for some reason the recorders on this page do not work for you, you can record using another method (like the voice recorder on your phone, for example) and upload those files. Recommended file types: .mp3, .wav

Note: the audio recorders should work on Edge, Chrome, or Firefox browsers (Firefox may work best).

Задание 1

Your group's coordinator in Russia needs to note when people will leave to go home to the US for the holidays and when they will arrive back in Russia. Help her by telling her the dates according to the information below.

Кэйтлин: leaves December 27, comes back January 8

Брайан: leaves December 24, comes back January 5

Молли: leaves December 31, comes back January 7

Задание 2

Answer the question in Russian.

Задание 3

Say that these people should do things in the pictures.

Задание 4

Watch the first 5 minutes of the video and then summarize what happened.