Sparse Grids Matlab Kit

The Sparse Grids Matlab Kit is a collection of Matlab functions for high-dimensional quadrature and interpolation, based on the combination technique version of sparse grids.

It is lightweight, high-level and (hopefully) easy to use, good for quick prototyping and teaching. It comes with a very extensive documentation and examples (7000 lines of code, 3600 lines of comments).

It is somehow geared towards Uncertainty Quantification (UQ), but it is flexible enough for other purposes.



The Sparse Grids Matlab Kit is distributed with a BSD2 License



  • Sparse-grid-based quadrature and interpolation (Gauss-Legendre, Leja, Clenshaw-Curtis, Gauss-Hermite, Kronrod-Patterson-normal, Gaussian-Leja points supported)

  • Dimension-adaptive sparse grid algorithm

  • Conversion of a sparse-grid interpolant to a Polynomial Chaos Representation (Legendre, Chebyshev, Hermite polynomials supported)

  • Sparse-grid-based global and local sensitivity analysis (by computation of Sobol Indices and gradients of a sparse grid interpolant)

  • Export of sparse grid collocation points and weights to ASCII file

  • Visualization functions (plot of sparse grid points and sparse grid interpolant)


  • Chiara Piazzola, Lorenzo Tamellini, Raúl Tempone. A note on tools for prediction under uncertainty and identifiability of SIR-like dynamical systems for epidemiology, arXiv:2008.01400. Matlab code available here

  • Jesús Martínez-Frutos, Francisco Periago Esparza. Optimal Control of PDEs under Uncertainty - An Introduction with Application to Optimal Shape Design of Structures. Springer International Publishing, 2018. Book available here. Matlab code available here

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