Our program faculty group consists of core program faculty, MSU sponsored faculty, and community faculty. The current members of our wonderful team are:

Core Residency Faculty

(All are board certified in Family Medicine):

Residency Program Director

Residency Program Faculty

  • Robert Darios, MD – Associate Professor
  • Shirin Clark, DO – Associate Professor
  • Jennifer Edwards-Johnson, DO – Assistant Professor
  • Amy Odom, DO – Assistant Professor
  • Julie Phillips, MD, MPH – Associate Professor
  • Randolph Pearson, MD – Professor
  • Amy Romain, LMSW, ACSW
  • Rosemary Roper, DO – Assistant Professor
  • Steve Roskos, MD - Associate Professor
  • George Smith, MD
  • Kenneth Thompson, MD – Associate Professor
  • Katrina Weirauch, DO - Assistant Professor

Community Faculty

  • Dawn Springer, MD
  • Andreas Kuhn, MD
  • Peter Graham, MD
  • Shimia Issac, DO
  • Gregory Lawson, MD

MSU Department of Family Medicine

  • Cathy Abbott, MD
  • Nadir Abdelrahman, MD
  • Hend Azhary, MD
  • Henry Barry, MD, MS
  • Robin DeMuth, MD
  • Mark Ensberg, MD
  • Kevin Foley, MD, FACP
  • Raza Haque, MD
  • James Mayle, MD
  • Erin Sarzynski, MD
  • Kenya Sekoni, MD, FAAFP
  • David Walsworth, MD. FAAFP

*To read more about the MSU faculty members, please visit the MSU Department of Family Medicine Faculty Page.