Saint Basil the Great

January 1st

When we hear the name Saint Basil our minds may slide to thoughts of Vasilopita and The Liturgy of Basil. Saint Basil worked on many fronts for the faith. We should remember that he was not only a theologian but also founder of a complex of buildings to help the needy- orphanages and hospitals.

While his name is associated with the Liturgy we only know that he worked on the Anaphora, the preparation prayers for communion.

He wrote many books and letters, here are the names of a few-

The Shorter Rules, and Longer Rules (for monks), An Address to Young Men (on the importance of reading about pagans), Six Days, Nine Lenten Sermons of Creation, Against Eunomius, On the Holy Spirit, and many Canonical Epistles.

St Gregory the Theologian

January 25th

Gregory and Saint Basil met as young monks. They continued to be friends throughout their lives. Gregory went to Constantinople to defend the faith and help create the second part of the Nicene Creed (about the Holy Spirit). It is well known that he wrote volumes defending the faith. He also wrote poems expressing the beauty of the faith.

He comes from a very devout family. His mother (St Nonna), father (also St Gregory of Nazianzus) and some of his siblings are all revealed as saints.

John of Chrysostom

John the "Golden Mouthed" was a famous monastic preacher. He wrote commentaries on many Books of the New Testament. In Constantinople he was ordained. John worked tirelessly for Church unity. He held all accountable, even the powerful and wealthy. Hurting their reputations made them angry. They had him arrested for treason and he was falsely convicted.

The Feast of the Three Hierarchs

January 30th

We celebrate these three defenders of Our faith!