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This website is dedicated to Sims 4 related stories and items. Some adult themed content in the story section.

All Lots and Sims can also be located in the Origin Gallery under Origin ID: Sparkiekong

Terms of Use on CC:

  • If you got to this website via anything other than a good old fashioned Google Search or through "" or "" then you are not using the internet correctly. I have never charged for my CC and you shouldn't be paying anyone to get here. My CC is free and I wish it to remain that way.

  • Please keep these items free. Don't put them behind paywalls or ad-fly or anything like that.

  • Please try to link back to when referring others to them.

  • Change what you need to, enjoy and give credit where you can.

Honestly, I couldn't stop you from taking credit for my work if I wanted to, right? So I'm just asking that you don't be a douchebag... give credit where credit is due. Please.

If something on here is yours and you want credit for it, please let me know and I will gladly give credit and a link back to your own site.

Please NOTE: I do not condone violence and I do not write about violence lightly or for the sake of dramatic flair. I feel it is required and entirely necessary to the furtherment of my story. However, I understand your needs to feel safe so please think about why you're reading my story and protect yourself accordingly. Always look for the safety kitten link to get by anything too much for you.



2022 - Feb

  • Updated the Debug Garden Signage to add some extra flavor. Providing a new link to the CC section for easier access but also keeping the old link, but updating the file. So either spot will get you the most recent version.

  • tweaked the website a bit more... so much still yet to do.

  • I have had some issues with and getting errors with trying to edit parts of my website. I have currently hidden it from view until I can review and rewrite it all up again. It appears that there's no other option for me than to redo the website piece by piece. It's irritating, but I can't see another option. I do know this time I'll be making a couple backups.

  • If you want to read any story stuff for now you'll have to visit my Tumblr (

2022 - Jan

  • updated CC section to reflect that you NEVER have to use a pay to search website to get my CC. It is free and I wish it to remain that way.



  • Updated recent subchapter in Chapter 3 of TAC to have better pics. Some reason they were blurry.
  • Added Cypress Terrace Remix to the Residential P2
  • Added a new excerpt to The Axiom Conclusion - Tempers Rise Like the Tides
  • Made some minor adjustments to the website.
  • My 1 year anniversary came and went by without my noticing!
  • Added 3 new lots to the Residential pg 2 .
  • Added monkey statues to - build cc section
  • Added The Uncomfortable Dinner to TAC Chapter 3
  • Little maintenance stuffs done...
  • added an image to EQ1
  • I will be coming up on my 1st anniversary of starting this website. I am happy that I have been able to work on this site and compile all of my materials in one place that's solely mine.
  • Added to Edits, Chapter 3 of TAC, to the RAF Legacy, 5 residential lots, buttons for individual game in the other games section, added a new game (Flowscape)
  • Added a TV News Station to the Specialty Section
  • added a new subchapter to the start of chapter three on The Axiom Conclusion and 2 new residential lots
  • Happy New Year! and Happy Birthday to me! Friday (22nd) is my birthday and I have been struggling with the winter blues. Beginning to feel myself pull out of it, so I'm happy to report I'm working on a new bit of story and I have a build to put up today. Find the build in the Residential Builds! Added some pics to the other Games section and did some general site maintenance.


  • In my quest to make a good story, I had to remake all of Sulani. So I rebuilt the entire map lots and added in my own locals and visitors (this was finished before EA gave us the vacation home trait so now you could just tag whatever home you want as a vacation spot.) More info in the link above.
  • I have been doing more writing and building than anything else. I will release my Sulani rebuilds soon. I decided to make 3/4 of the town an actual village look with only a few "vacation" homes for tourists. The need for that change is strictly story driven, but you get the benefits.
    • New Halloween Edit of Cat.
    • Chapter 2 is up for The Axiom Conclusion!
    • added 5 lot to the residential section and 1 specialty lot
    • Added more to TAC and an excerpt from guest writer HelenofSimblr to The Axiom Conclusion
    • Added 2 tattoos to the tattoo section of CC!
    • Archived all of the August notes and cleaned up for September.
    • Sim Dumps are finally finished which means anything new in this section past August will be entirely new and not old stuff from Tumblr.
    • Lots and Sims added to their respective sections.
    • SFS is moving their stuff to another provider. Some links may not carry over. If you find something isn't working, please let me know via e-mail @ or on tumblr via message to and I will try to fix the links.
    • Made some sweeping changes across the board on all pages with layout and tweaked text etc.
    • Added Lots, Sims and CC. Makoto Legacy Sims added to the Human, Alien, Vampire, and Multi-family sims sections.
    • Changed the layout Sims and Lots now have their own drop down menu. Added Build CC, Facial Detail CC, and Clothing CC.
    • Added a debug page with links to the more than 500 package files I have created to bring items from debug to build and sample images in image carousels so you can see what's in there.
    • Tweaked some text and layout. Updated Wilbur's Mommas and Kids Sections. Some Laffer Children added to the downloads
    • Added another game to the other games list.
    • More edits added from Halloween 2019 with a nod to Friday the 13th.
    • Edits are technically not new, but new to the website. These are a few of my favs saved from Tumblr. More as I dig through my paranoid backups of backups of backups.
    • Added a succubus contact eyes face paint based off the Love Curse default eyes of Simandy. I have some succubus womb tattoos in the works too.
    • Belle was added to the furry collective, but need to find proper photos for her. Igor has been started back up. Added CC to the CC section.
    • Added a few posts to TAC section. Added a Raft pic. I did more tweaking of layout. Got the domain running!

June 03, 2020

    • The start of something new. I decided to make and maintain my own website. I was on tumblr from 2 October 2015 to 3 June 2020 and I had a lot of posts, but most of that has been transferred here.

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