8th GradE

have a great summer!!!

Spark News: Parents, please read the following letter (available in English and Spanish) for an update on spark academy

Weekly Letter - Draft.pdf

Spark Family Weekly Update

Week of August 3rd

Weekly Letter - Spanish Version.pdf

Actualización semanal Para Familias de Spark

Semana de Agosto 3

8th Grade Promotion

Spark Academy Promotion 1.mp4


Hey, Spark Students!

Every school day, look here and Follow these three steps:

  1. Sign on to your two live classes using the schedule below at 9:00 and 10:00. Sign on to your small group class between 11:00-11:40 using the schedule below.

  1. Click on the summer school tab above and complete the work assigned for the week.

Got questions? Click the HELP tab!

Please note: we will be participating in remote learning through the use of video communication. It is important that we continue to respect the privacy/confidentiality and intellectual property rights of our school community, both students and teachers. By participating you as students agree that you will not save, record, share, or post learning sessions or any photos/screenshots from any session. You also agree that you will not save, record, share or post a session or any photos/screenshots from a session.


Happy Birthday! We wish we could celebrate with you!

Summer B-Day

6-21 Julius Philip Mwangi

6-22 Jaysen Francois

6-22 Enmanuel Santos

6-28 Abraham Lantigua

6-28 Daiana Nina

6-29 Azlanny Velez

6-30 Roselyn Cleto

7-3 Christopher Ortega

7-14 Jezlynn Velazquez

7-19 Sebastian Anziani

7-24 Kimberlin Perez

7-26 Alexis Miranda

7-27 Antoine Nivar

8-2 Estarlin Henriquez

8-2 Deanllili Tineo Garcia

8-4 Luis Sandoval

8-7 Andreina Sanchez

8-10 Sahel Martinez

8-11 Yadiel Rosario

8-14 Natalie Harry

8-18 Yamilet Cabrera

8-18 Diani Lopez