R2-Capítulo 6A

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Preterite – IR Stem-changers (e-i)

explain those strange stem-changers in the preterite. Although you might remember that -ar and -er verbs in the preterite don’t stem-change like they do in the present, the -ir verbs have to be weird. This video will explain how (e-ie) and (e-i) -ir verbs work in the preterite. Enjoy!

Notice that servir is actually an (e-i) verb in the present. This was a mistake in the video!

Video Vocab and Charts

Preterite – IR Stem-changers (o-u)

This video lesson covers -ir verbs in the preterite that stem change.

In the present, they change (o-ue) in the yo, , él/ella/ud, ellos/ellas/uds forms. In the preterite, they do something a little different.

Video Vocab and Charts