R2-Capítulo 3B

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Presente Progresivo / Present Progressive

In this video lesson, I decided to tackle the present progressive in Spanish. The present progressive is basically telling that something is happening right now. We’ll use a form of estar and then the verbs slightly changed afterwards.

Video Vocab and Chart

Preterite – Irregulars – decir

This video lesson covers yet another irregular verb in the preterite: decir (to say, tell).

Video Vocab and Charts

Preterite – Irregulars – venir

This video lesson covers venir (to come). Venir is of course another irregular verb in the preterite. In this video, I also mention that whenever a verb has any irregular inside of it due to a prefix, the verb follow the pattern of the irregular.

Ex: suponer, mantener, detener, prevenir, etc

Video Vocab and Chart

Direct Objects (part 2)

In this video lesson we’re talking about complementos directos. We use these to talk about objects and people in Spanish when those are the object of the verb.

Video Vocab

Direct Objects (parte 3): attaching Direct Objects

In this video lesson we’ll be talking about Direct Objects (me, te, lo, la, nos, los, las) again. It turns out that not only can they go before the verb phrase, but we can also put them in different places sometimes.

Video Vocab