R2-Capítulo 2B

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Preterite AR verbs

In this video lesson, we’ll be starting to learn how to do the preterite tense. The preterite is a past tense that deals with finished actions.

The present tense = I talk, I am talking,

Preterite = I talked.

Video Vocab and Charts

Preterite AR verbs: -gar, -car, -zar verbs

In this lesson we’ll be continuing the preterite of AR verbs. Although we covered the normal verbs in the previous lesson, if a verb ends in -gar, -car, or -zar, we have to treat it specially in the yo form.

Video Vocab and Charts

Preterite Regular ER verbs

In this lesson, we’ll be continuing with the preterite. This time, we’re covering regular -er verbs. But just like with -ar verbs, the -er stem changers can be lumped into this group as well.

Video Vocab and Charts

Demonstrative Adjectives (Part 1): This & That

En este video, we’ll be learning about the singular form of demonstrative adjectives (this, that). Because of the gender in Spanish, when we use these as adjectives, there are two ways to say each.

this (este / esta)

that (ese / esa)

that [far away] (aquel / aquella)

Video Vocab

Demonstrative Adjectives (part 2): this & these; that & those

In this video lesson we’ll be continuing with the demonstrative adjectives (this & that) while adding on the plural forms (these & those).

Video Vocab