Skimmer XT

Overview of the Skimmer XT

The Skimmer XT is the evil twin of the ordinary Skimmer hovercraft we all know and love. With this single rider rocket powered beast, passengers are nothing but dead weight! Rip your way across the land and race with your friends. This cool craft packs all the features to give you the edge.

Land, Sea or Air

The XT will allow you to tear across the Linden landscape like it wasn't even there. It can take you up above the clouds or rocket you down mountains. Fun plus speed is what this little rocket powered devil is all about.

Flight Settings

It has two modes, "flight" and "skim". Skim mode will hug you to the ground at a distance you choose from the main menu. Open Linden land is a MUST for this devil. Enhanced "flight" mode is for climbing up into the sky then dropping into "skim" mode or leaving obstacles behind.


  • Touch the craft for options menu.
  • Lights.
  • Speedometer & HUD
  • Recovery option. Did you fall off? The XT board will come back to you.
  • Control Settings – Balanced, Race, Cruise, Extreme
  • Colours
  • Dust effects
  • Speed control
  • Custom skim height settings.
  • Skim or Flight modes.
  • Camera controls.


The craft was designed to be driven on open slopes or smooth beach type Linden land and will auto adapt to hover above Linden water sims. If you decide to go shopping on it, use Flight mode to travel across sims or you may find you'll get stuck in prim floors, ban lines or walls and other pain in the butt obstacles.

  1. Take out a Skimmer XT and place it on the ground near you.
  2. Sit on the craft and it will automatically start to hover.
  3. Use your arrow keys plus Page Up & Page Down keys to control it.
  4. Hop off the craft and it will follow you around the sim above your head so you do not lose it.

Customise Options

The Skimmer has a cool way for you to customise the body or booster particle colours to suite your own style. Simply left click the craft to access the menu options. Navigate to the Options > Colors > Body Color option. Once selected a small colour cube will pop out onto the floor. You can right click and edit this box with your edit window to change the colour of the Skimmer shell. To change the booster particle colours, simply left click the colour box to flip it into the "Flame Particle" mode. From here you can colour the box, and you will notice that your Skimmer booster particles will turn on so you can see the changes taking place in real time.

Camera Views

There are a number of camera options available to suit your needs. For intense action you can flip between the "Race" and "Follow Cam" options. Try them to see which one you like best.