Sentry Gun

Robot Sentry Gun

Protect your base, sky box or combat area with this amazing remote robot sentry gun. Killing your enemies has never been so much fun! Simple and easy to use. Just wear the HUD, click the icon and out pops a sentry gun. With an easy to navigate menu, this piece of kit will have your enemies ducking for cover in seconds.


  • Attacks all non group members.
  • Great for team combat role play.
  • Protect your base or sky box.
  • Change shell & bullet particle colours using easy to edit colour cube system.
  • Choose between standard Push attack, prim rockets, parcel eject, parcel ban & send home options.
  • Owner or group menu access. Handy if a team mate wishes to cease fire or guard an unprotected area.
  • Stand included.
  • Water resistant!

How To Operate

  1. Locate the Sentry Gun HUD icon in your inventory and wear it.
  2. Left click the icon on your HUD to rez a new sentry gun.
  3. Left click head of Sentry gun to access menu options.
  4. Navigate to the POWER options and select it to turn sentry on or off.


You can set a number of options for your sentry gun. Here is a list of the available options and what they do.

Sentry Gun Options

Change Colours

You may wish to change the colour of your sentry gun. This can be handy in team combat to distinguish which sentry belongs to which team. To do this is simple. Left click on the sentry gun and choose COLOR from the options menu. you will see that a small colour cube plops out onto the floor. Edit this box using your Edit Window and navigate to the Texture tab. From here you can choose any colour on the client colour picker for your gun. to choose a colour for the particle stream left by bullets, simply left click the colour cube to switch it into particle mode. Right click and delete cube when done.


Sentry gun now allows you to shoot at it and reduce it in health until it is damaged and needs repairs. To repair it you need to be in the same active group as the sentry. Left click it to fix it. You can reduce the time taken to fix the sentry by repairing it with the Spanner from AVpack.


When using the Sentry gun on a damage enabled sim (not push enabled), you may wish to have it send an enemy back home after detecting him/her. To do this, please ensure that you choose a damage level from the DAMAGE sub-menu. Ensure that you turn Push off and have Rockets enabled. Rockets are the ONLY things that cause health to drop. Push does not take damage settings into account when pushing. This also applies to Eject and Send Home settings for obvious reasons.

EMP Damage

If the Sentry is set to be destructible, you can destroy a sentry far quicker by using an EMP (Electromagnetic pulse) round from AVpack weapons. This would include Electro Shock or the Orb rounds from the Spanner or RPG. In order for an EMP to effect damage to the sentry, you need to ensure that the Sentry is set to another group other than the objects you are firing at it. Look out for more EMP weapons in future.

Updates & Features

Release 2 Features

  • Updated to take advantage of AVpack v64 features.
  • Sentry now has land bot server. Deed the server to the land group and the sentry will be able to eject, ban or send home intruders.
  • Sentry displays hover text over it to display menu settings.
  • Sentry is able to range up to 96m.
  • Sentry is now able to take damage. Great for use in team combat role play. If a another groups projectile hits the sentry it will -1 in health. If an EMP weapon from another teams AVpack v64 hits the sentry, it will -20 in health.
  • Sentry can be repaired by same group members by left clicking on it while it is damaged. This will heal it by +4 for every left click. If you use the Spanner from AVPack in Fix mode and left click near the Sentry, it will heal by +15 for every click.
  • Fixed non temp on rez rockets.
  • Damage settings added to rockets. <10 = no collateral damage 10+ = collateral damage & fire.
  • Toggle scan ping sounds on/off.

Release 1

  • First public release.
  • Added rockets.
  • Push, Eject, Land Ban, Send Home added.
  • Updater Added.
  • Delete stand through cannon menu.
  • Colour cube system added.

Known Issues

  • None

Extra Value

  • If you love this item, you may wish to check out AVpack. Gadgets like this normally find their way into AVpack after each update, so buy purchasing AVpack you can get the best of all worlds.