Free Swimming Fish

Free Swimmers

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  • Super easy to use. Rez, position, click go.
  • Textured prim bodies.
  • Can be set to swim from 0 - 30m in any direction.
  • Random physical wandering swim motion.
  • Custom scripted A.I swim motion.
  • Your fish react to avatars and will swim out the way if bothered.
  • Photo realistic texturing.
  • Simple menu options for radius and speed.
  • Our Free Swimming Fish, Koi, Piranha and Lion Fish pack are temp rezzer compatible.
  • Each fish is fully copiable.
  • Infinite copy temp on rez option with custom textures and flexi path features.
  • Simple (owner) click on and off control, x,y,z distance and speed settings.
  • Can be used in any larger sized tank and also outdoors. Simply choose the area you want them to swim in.

Free Swimming Fish Guide

How To Use

  1. Simply take out a fish you would like to use.
  2. To manually control, simply left click. From there you can select from a number of options. You can choose what speed it swims from point to point, what distance in meters to travel to from the local central point and other cool features too.
  3. Distance settings are local, meaning the values you enter will be in meters from its local central point and not region coordinates. To get your fish to swim 5 meters in all directions you would first rez it out and then enter 5,5,5 for the X,Y,Z distances. Then click it and press GO.
  4. Once you have placed a fish in the centre of their swim area, configure it via the dialog menu, then select GO from the menu and the little fish will happily swim about inside the distance from his central point to the X,Y,Z distance away. Example: Setting X = 5, Y = 5, Z = 0 will make your fish swim 5 meters left right, forward back but not up or down. To get your fish to swim up or down increase the Z distance higher than 0. Leaving Z at 0 can be useful if you wish to use your fish in a really shallow pond. That way they will not float above the surface.
  5. To reposition it, hit STOP and then move it using edit window, then click go to start it off again. Easy as pie!
  6. If placed inside a rezzer, the fish will automatically swim when it is rezzed. There is no need to click it. If you do however wish to edit a parameter on your fish (change a favourite to stay out in world as a pet for example) simply left click and it will turn off the temp rez feature and remain permanently out in world.
  7. Any additional menu options will have a simple toggle switch action. Simply select the feature again to turn that feature off.

Anti-Lag Rezzer

If you use these beautiful fish with our temp rezzer you can have a whole bunch of these super cool fish coming out on display at random. If you would like your fish to be permanent so you can configure their speed, distance, name or other options, simply touch them and they will adapt and stay out in world to allow you time to edit them. Once placed back inside our rezzer, the next time they are rezzed they will be temp on rez again. The smart low lag scripting in our fish is testament to their quality and we hope you enjoy them with the comfort of no sim overheads while they are in use.

Rezzer Info

Some of our items will be labeled "Rezzer Compatible". If you wish to put these fish inside a temp rezzer box, they will automatically adjust to be temp on rez so you won’t have to worry about filling up your prims using them as they will auto delete after about one minute. This means that if you have over a hundred fish, you could place them all inside the rezzer and have a mixed variety of them on display on your land at random while not using a constant hundred or so prims all at once. This feature is in no way designed to enable you to reduce the prim usage of your land, it is designed simply for variety. Simply place your fish inside the rezzer prim and left click it to start rezzing your fish. Ensure that the temp rezzer box is recommended for use with your fish. Temp rez means the fish once rezzed from another object will only last for eighty seconds then auto delete.

Rezzer Usage

For information about using these fish with our rezzer, please see here.


As these fish are physical objects be careful that avatars are not wearing anti physics shields around them or they will fly off world and scripts may break. Also do not use these too close to sim borders or in very rare circumstances they might swim off the swim or into your neighbours land. You have infinite copies of these fish, so if that does occur you can always replace them. Due to the nature in which these fish work they can not be made modify. Try mixing them together with other Space Bums animals at our store to create your very own fantastic underwater world.

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If you feel your item may be at fault or something is not working to your expectations, please take a look through our support portal here. We only offer support via instant message in game once the pass code has been given.