Message Board

EZ-Note Message Board

Allow your visitors to post a wide variety of messages. Post your event news, pictures, audio snips, url's, note cards or landmarks for public viewing. EZ-Note Message Board allows you to do all this and it is as easy as pie to use. Simply touch the cork board and pick the type of message you wish to leave. You can select from a choice of,

  • Notes
  • To do
  • Requests
  • Thank You
  • Idea
  • Suggestions
  • Urgent
  • Reminder
  • Audio
  • Landmarks
  • Photo
  • URL's
  • Note Cards
  • Questions
  • Answers
  • Likes
  • Dislikes

Find out why other people love our EZ-Note Message Board.

Who uses EZ-Note?

Everyone and anyone who feels like they have something to say uses EZ-Note. EZ-Note is used throughout Second Life as a great social tool to let students and educators keep in touch with lessons. It is a great way for club owners to list event dates and information on bands. It is used by content creators to quickly get ideas out before they fade away. It is used by advertisers who wish to advertise their products and services. Models can advertise for work by posting their photos. Shops use it for customer retention and feedback on the items they sell. This and many more reasons is why EZ-Note is such a great tool for your Second Life.


First unpack the board and place it on a flat wall. Ensure that your EZ-Note is the correct way around. To check this, ensure that the cork texture is facing you and not the wall. Once in a position it is important to remember that notes posted to the board will NOT be stuck to the board once posted. If you wish to move the board at a later date you will need to ensure that you multi-select the notes on the board too, or you will be left with notes floating in the air. It is wise to place the board on a wall that has no object behind it, rather than put the board on a central wall in your home or club, instead place it on a wall with nothing behind it. Remembering these tips will save you time in the future should you ever decide to move your board some place else.

How To Post A Note

  1. Left click on the board to display the dialog menu. From here you will see a list of note types available for you to post.
  2. Pick a message type to leave and simply type your message into chat. You have sixty seconds to post a note before the board resets. Taking longer than that will cause the note to rip itself off the board and auto delete to save prims. This feature avoids people posting empty notes all over your board and using up all your prims.
  3. Once a note has been created it will place itself on the board and remain full bright until the owner clicks to view it. New notes will display information containing who posted the note, what date and time the note was posted.

You can always see what notes are new and what are old as new notes will glow. Owners can turn the message taking ability of the board on and off by touching the small power button icon. Intelligent scripting shuts down the listening of the board after thirty seconds, so that means zero chat lag.

How To Post A Photo or Audio Message.

  1. Right click on a file in your inventory and select "Copy Asset UUID " from the menu.
  2. Touch the board and select Photo.
  3. Press CTRL V to paste the uuid (key) and hit your return key.
  4. A photo snap of your picture will show on the board for you.
  5. Left click to view the photo to view.
  6. You can also post a text note along with your photo or sound. Simply separate the UUID from the message using a pipe "|". Example UUID|message (note no spaces before or after the pipe symbol.) Each keyboard layout may vary, but the pipe symbol is normally located next to the "Z" key and you can enter a pipe by holding SHIFT and pressing the "|" button.
  7. Once done, simply click the photo to view in expanded mode, then click again to read the text note if you left one.

Audio and Picture Notes

To post an audio note, simply repeat the steps above, but choose audio from the dialog menu and ensure you copy a sound file UUID. Every message posted on the board will log the persons name and the date that it was posted, so you can always keep things organized and it makes cross communications easy.

EZ-Note Message Board has some really cool features. From the options menu you can customise the way your board looks and behaves. Here is a description of each of the options and what they do.

Power Switch

  • Simple enough. This enables and disables the board.

Post Mode

  • When active, users can post notes to the board.

Move Mode

  • When active the owner of the board can reposition notes around the board.

Texture Cycle

  • When active, the owner can cycle the default textures on notes on the board by left clicking them.

Drag & Drop

  • Enable/Disable the dropping of Note cards, Landmarks into note prims.


  • Enable disable open chat or hovertext prompts.


  • Choose the wait time for unfinished notes to auto-delete.


  • Enable/Disable silent mode.


  • Toggle between Group Only or Public access for posting.


  • Choose which notes are available for people to post.


  • Toggle posting notes under left mouse click or randomly placed on the board.


  • Erase messages on the board by type.


  • IM owner of the board when someone makes a new post.


  • Change the height and width of your board.


  • Choose a backdrop image for the theme of your board.


  • Choose a preset colour theme for your board.


  • Access this online help page.


  • Check for latest version of EZ-Note Message Board.


  • Reset Scripts.

Note cards

Posting little text notes is fine, but what if you need to allow people to leave a little bit more information? Well now you can. Simply enable "Drag & Drop" from the dialog menu, and any note posted to the board from now on will allow people to drag and drop a note card from their inventory into the note prim. To disable this feature, simply select the same option from the menu.

Silent Mode

We have had some good feedback from EZ-Note users. One of the requested options we liked, is the ability to allow notes to display what has been posted on the board, but in a quiet way. This feature will be great for owners of large public events or clubs, that do not want to be chat spammed by people clicking and posting or reading notes all day. Once silent mode is enabled, all output from the board will only be to the person who is using the board. This means no chat spam and a lot of happy visitors to your public event. Simply select the SILENT button to toggle this feature on or off.

Public or Private Access

Let's say you just want to have your EZ-Note board out on your land to let people in your club post on it, but you don't want "Joe public" getting his dirty little hands on it, or leaving naughty messages all over it... By enabling the ACCESS option via the dialog menu, you can toggle your EZ-Note Message board to only allow people which are wearing the same group as the board to be able to post to it. This is great if you like to keep things private. Even the notes themselves allow you to totally control who is able to view them. When you first post a note, you will be given an options to select who is able to read what you have posted on the board. "Only Me" allows only the person who posted the note to view it. This is a great for personal projects, were you would not want others to spy on your ideas. The other options allow control over group, board owner and public viewing permission. When posting a private message, you will also be given the option to enter your text into a "text box" instead of the normal open chat.

Enable or Disable Notes

Let's say you have placed a question note on your board, but you only wish to allow people to post an "Answer" note. If you navigate to the NOTES button on the options menu. You can choose which note types to disable for use. If you remove all except the "Answer" note, then people using EZ-Note will only be able to post that type of note.

Ban List

EZ-Note also comes complete with an included optional ban list. This is located inside the EZ-Note Board object. Simply edit it and add the names of people you no longer wish to use your board. The ban list works in both public or group access mode. Once a new name has been entered into the "---Banned" note card, the board will update. After that you won't have to worry about idiots posting on your board again.

Pinpoint Posting

If this feature is enabled it allows users to post a note directly where they left click on the board. If this feature is disabled, EZ-Note will randomly place a note on the board. Select the button labelled PINPOINT on the options menu to toggle this feature on or off.

Delete A Note

If you find that you have made a spelling mistake on an EZ-Note board, DON'T PANIC! EZ-Note now allows all users who post on the board to easily delete their own posted notes from the board. Now you won't ever have to worry again about posting something you wish you hadn't. To erase a note simply left click and hold it for 1 second. The note will rip off the board and auto-delete.

Report Mode

Allowing people to post notes on your board is great. Although to keep up to date as to who or what has been posted on your board would require you to keep coming back to the board to look at it. While this is fun at first, we wanted people to have an easier way to see what is happening. With REPORT mode turned on, you will be notified via system message when a resident posts on your board. EZ-Note will report the date and time and along with the note and even the sim that the note was posted in. This is great if you have more than one board in use, or in a different sim. Also, it is great, as each message sent to you includes a slURL which you can use to teleport to your board.

Size Your Board

With SIZE mode, you can adjust the scale of your board. Simply click on the Taller, Shorter, Thinner or Wider options to set the size. Easy!


EZ-Note has been designed to allow you to customise it to suite your own personal style. The board itself is modify. This means you can apply your own colours or textures making it look truly yours. For those that want something different from the classic look of the board, we have included a set of custom themes for you to choose from. To use them, just navigate to the THEMES button in the option menu and choose the one that you like. We may add more in future so do send us feedback on what styles you think may be cool for backdrops and colours.

Note Positions

If you left click the red map-pin and the bottom of the board, you will enter "Move Mode". This allows you to left click on a note, then left click on the board where you wish to move that note to, and the note will automatically position itself to the new location. The range for moving notes around in this fashion is 10m. Notes also align to the boards rotation too. This should be more than enough if you wish to swap your EZ-Note board to that other wall in your house.

Note Limit

By default, EZ-Note allows any number of notes to be posted to your board. However, owners of small land parcel may want to budget how many prims should be allocated for notes posted to the board. The Note Limit feature allows you to control this. When enabled you will be given a prompt to enter the maximum amount of notes EZ-Note should allow to be posted. Once that limit has been reached - EZ-Note will prompt a new user that no more posts are available to the board. The owner of the board however is still able to post notes, but is alerted to the fact that EZ-Note has reached its note limit for public posts.

Auto Clean

This feature is only activated once Note Limit has been enabled. What it does is clear ALL previosly posted notes (including your own) from the board once the Note Limit cap has been reached. When enabled this allows EZ-Note to automatically free up note prim back to your land allowance for new notes to be posted. This means that EZ-Note will control the visibility of notes both past and present. This is a great set it and forget it option for boards that don't need constant or important information to be held for the board owner. Usage cases for this feature would be for public facing boards were interaction and presentation of notes is temporary. Auto Clean will also work in board owner mode too. So ensure you understand the purpose of this feature before using it, so you don't auto clean any important notes you post to your own personal board.

Anonymous Posts

EZ-Note has a feature in which it allows the user to leave a note on a board without any identifying information relating to the poster. This feature was added for support groups in Second Life, who may deal with personal, or health related topics, yet wish to allow users to have a voice and share thoughts without disclosing personal identifiable information to the avatar and their personal life. This feature is presented to the poster of a note by default. The owner of the board sees any notifications of these types of notes being posted as anonymous too. So no personal information of the person posting is disclosed, only the fact that a note has been posted.

Moving Notes Around

You can position the notes around your board after they have been posted. Just click the map pin icon on the bottom of the board to enter "Move" mode. From there, you can position notes that have already been posted by simply clicking on them and then clicking on the board where you want them to move to. You can even click on multiple notes and then click an area of the board and have all the notes stack up on that spot. this is great if you board is really full, yet you do not want to delete your notes and just want to save space for newly posted ones.

Colour Picker

In the past, to change the colour of your EZ-Note board, you had to navigate to a menu which listed colours. This was fine if you only want a few basic colours for your board, but what if you want a certain red to go with a certain other colour for example? Well now you don't have to worry about shuffling through hundreds or thousands of colour names in dialog menus. EZ-Note now has its very own colour picker. Just select the COLOR option from the dialog menu and then left click on the colour picker to select a colour for your board. You can also use it to quickly choose the board or frame colour too. Simply click the icons left and right of "Set" to put the board into "Board" or "Frame" colour mode. Once finished, press "Set" to save your new colour and hide the colour picker panel.

Texture Edit

If you find that there are too many notes in the same area that all look the same. EZ-Note owners can use the "Edit texture" mode to cycle the default note textures. This is really simple to do. Click the red map pin twice until EZ-Note displays that it is in "Texture Edit" mode. Now all you have to do is left click on a note to change the picture that is displayed for that note. We will continue to add more styles as we update the board, but for now we are sure people will love this new feature.


Please see changelog.