What Is It?

Have you ever sat and thought "wow that's a cool idea", and then wished you had all those ideas in one device instead of lots of other little ones stuck to your avatar? Well so did I. Initially, I created AVpack for myself, as a way to get around Second Life more easily, protect myself from threats, see who is around me and interact with people in a fun way. This is what AVPack is all about and more.

A modular, compact and constantly updated wearable gadget system, that allows you to benefit from the latest innovations and cool ideas from Space Bums as they become available.

After you've tried AVpack, we're sure you'll never want to take it off. You'll be blown away by the amount of features it has to offer.

What It's Not.

Some multi-gadgets pride themselves as being "triple A" multi-tools, purely because their main feature is the ability to blast other avatars out of a sim. If this is what you are looking for, then stay away from AVpack. AVpack is far deeper than a "look at how awesome I am. I just killed you" tool.

AVpacks' core strength is its interconnectedness between modules. Further, this is achieved without interfering with the overall function of the device or your normal avatar control. In short, AVpack is all about enhancing what you can do in your Second Life, not about enhancing your ego.


  • Wear the AVpack.
  • Type /give avhud to get and wear the graphical HUD interface.
  • Type / to show or hide your AVpack on your side.
  • Type /m to get the AVpack main device menu.
  • Type /updates to get the AVpack updates guide.
  • For a full list of chat commands click here.
  • Type /help to access these online documents.
  • To join AVpack User group, wear your AVpack and type /regavpack
  • Visit the FAQ section of this site for more useful information on using your AVpack.

"well cool gadgeting worth it and very useful. Totally recommend it" 
- HEN Streeter

"I finally bought your AVPack, after several months of MystiTool HUD use and this is a great "upgrade" tool! The other products like the MystiTool are toys, compared with this great HUD". 
- Radioactive Rosca

"Spent a lot of money on big and small products, some not known, others top sellers. And then I ditched them all and got this!Seriously, best freaking HUD in SL, ever, period, FTW!"
- Elixer Aero

"That AVpack really is one of the best buys on SL! To me and others, Supa Shang and his crew created the Swiss Army Knife of SL". 
- Tigerr Eyre

The AVpack

AVpack is the business end of the device and this is the gadget that you wear on your hip. It performs all the functions of the system. The AVHUD should be considered as an optional remote for the main AVpack. You must wear the AVpack device in order for the HUD to perform operations with it. You can take a look inside the AVpack device to see all the cool little tools it has inside. You can see that the object itself is very small. You can turn AVpack totally invisible too with the / command, so it does not spoil the look of your outfit.

AVpack should always be worn on the "left-peck" attachment spot.


Think of AVHUD as a "tv remote" for your AVpack. After wearing your AVHUD, you'll see many options and modules to choose from. Clicking the top left icon on AVHUD will show and hide the module options. From here, you can experiment by left clicking on the buttons.

AVpack has a lot more options in it than can possibly be contained within a HUD, so in order ot keep script counts down - only the most used modules are presented on AVHUD. To see all of what AVpack can do, explore its main menu and chat commands.

AVpack Guides

  • AVHUD : Learn how to control AVpack using the multidimensional AVHUD interface
  • Chat Commands : A list of AVpack chat commands.
  • Vehicles : AVpack has some awesome vehicles for you to explore Second Life with.
  • Weapons : AVpack weapons and attacks.
  • AVbilities : Cybernetic enhancements for your avatar. Enhanced jump, dash and a lot more...
  • Net Search : Use AVpack to search the World Wide Web.
  • Bots : Robots are not just for Christmas, they are for life!
  • Teleport : Get around faster and easier.
  • Sky Station : Modular expandable sky living.
  • Rez : AVpack has a number of cool objects for you to rez out and use.
  • Parcel : Manage and protect your land parcel.
  • Emubbles & Poofers : Communicate in style with functional AFK displays and awesome poofers for all occasions.
  • AVpack FAQ


Disable any gestures that may conflict with your AVpack. If you have hundreds of gestures active in your inventory, you may see that you perform certain gestures while you try to operate the AVPack over chat. You will need to locate and deactivate any gestures that are causing you problems so you can fully enjoy the AVpack. Typing /m for the AVpack menu and seeing your avatar muscle flex is one example. All gestures can be located using the search string in the inventory. Simply right click the offending name and deactivate it.

Please read all the information on the AVpack to fully appreciate all it can do and check our Twitter page for announcements of your free future upgrades, gadgets and fixes. Since AVpack is a constantly changing project of new ideas, this documentation will be subject to change or parts may need updating to describe new or changed functionality. AVpack contains many "Easter Egg" features that will also be undocumented to invite people to explore the device and hidden capabilities.

The AVHUD makes accessing your most used tools super easy. When not in use, you can compact your tools into the small launcher tab on the top left of the screen.

The AVpack is a small computer device that clips to your left peck. This is the business end of the device and all its many capabilities. You can hide it, making it totally invisible too.


AVpack came to life in early Feb 2006. I wanted a gadget that would allow me to rez out the tools I needed to help me build and have fun with my friends. An "avatar gadget pack" I could quickly access, so I didn't have to search my inventory in order to find the things I liked to use the most. So I created "AVpack" - a multi-tool which allowed me to explore Second Life in the way I wanted, and to give my avatar "super abilities". I hope you enjoy it as much as I have loved working on it all these years.

AVpack Beta Test Team

Thanks to all the Space Bums and AVpack users involved in the testing of the AVpack over the years, its ongoing support and feedback. It has been a fun ride so far, but it's not over yet...

EULABy purchasing this item you agree and fully understand that it is a copiable and modify *no transfer* mature theme item. For that reason no refunds will be given. No backup copies will be sent to alternate avatar accounts. Please ensure you fully understand this before purchasing. Online help is provided through the official user group. Only an AVpack owner may join the official AVpack Users group. Unauthorized duplicating of this item or contained object for resale is prohibited. AVHUD is designed to work on 1680x1050 or higher screen resolution, PC setups may vary.
PolicyBy using AVpack you agree to use AVpack and the gadgets contained within for fun and with consent of others or in a role playing scenario only. AVpack and included gadgets should *NOT* be used to abuse others. You agree upon wearing AVpack that you have purchased the right to use the AVpack system and it's functionality only. Any software including, but not limited to; sounds, textures, gestures, animations, scripts and object data are the sole copyright of the account holder Supa Shang. Misuse of AVpack or included devices as outlined within the Second Life TOS may lead to your avatar key being scripted out in future updates if you fail to comply to this agreement. We reserve the right to allow or disallow you any future access to our update servers for this product. Access to updates may be withdrawn at any given time with or without notice. In the unlikely event that Second Life closes, no refunds will be given to people who purchased this item on the Second Life grid. We refuse any and all requests to port AVpack over to other grids. Harassment of Space Bums staff both physically or verbally may lead to your inability to receive free future updates, your removal from support groups and you being muted by group members. Replication of the AVpack, it's name or devices is prohibited. AVpack and devices are protected by international copyright law. Unauthorised duplication of AVpack (and contents) is prohibited. We reserve the right to update this policy in future. Updates to any changes will be posted on social media, website, forums or groups. By using AVpack you confirm that you agree to these terms.