Aquarium Setup GUIDE

Aquarium Setup Guide

If you are new to our aquariums, here is a list of tips to help get you going. You'll find instructions on adding textures to your tank to adding your fish, it is all here. Please read this guide if you are unsure on how to correctly position creatures, plants, rocks or need help on editing your aquarium.

Any form of prim editing requires some basic knowledge of the "Edit Window". Using the Second Life edit window is not for the faint hearted. While we explain how to use the edit window to edit our items here, we DO NOT provide tutorials on how to build or edit textures in Second Life. You will be required to have the minimum skill required to edit and position items before we decide to provide additional support to you other than what is listed here. We are NOT an edit window call out service! To learn how to use the Edit Window or to locate items in your inventory in Second Life please visit the Ivory Tower or visit a Help Island or ask a friend.

Unpacking & Setup

First unpack the fish from boxes or bags and put them into a folder in your inventory.

  • Before rezzing any fish or tank from your inventory, first press your BUILD button down, then take the item out of your inventory and position it where you can line it up.
  • If the build button is pressed down before taking out your new aquarium or group of fish, all the pieces will stay together making it easier to move the whole selection around as one group.

Many houses are not built or positioned so that they are lined up straight to the world compass North, South East & West headings. If your house is one of them then lining up large tropical displays against walls might end up being more of a pain than normal. Try to find a wall in your home that can help you position everything straight. Try to line the tank up so that you can move things straight along the red (X) or green (Y) coordinate arrows. This makes it easy to move things along in a straight line.

  1. By locking the tank to a fixed compass heading before unpacking any additional items to go in the tank. It helps when lining up items correctly in the tank.
  2. Cant you see the fish for the glass? Lower the tank into the ground or up in the air a bit so you can position your fish. Some of our EZ-Edit enabled tanks allow you to raise the front glass to position fish and plants without moving the whole tank.
  3. Try to place your fish in the centre of the tank over the sand or gravel. Then raise them mid way up so that the are at equal distance from the top of the water and the gravel.
  4. We recommend our 'Orbital' fish for use in our tanks as they are simple to setup for the beginner. Once you feel more competent with your building skills you may like to try our free swimming fish.

Prefab Aqua Scenes

As we explained above with the aquariums, make sure you press your "BUILD" button down so you are in edit mode then take out the items file and first put it in your inventory "New Folder", then drop it to the floor! This contains all your items for the tank in one file and all setup the way it was on display at the Space Bums Aquarium.

You can then position all your items into the tank.

Adding Textures

We allow you to use some of the textures to replace the existing ones that come with the tank you purchased from us. These textures include wood, gravel, sand and background textures. These textures are not to be used to create your own aquariums. They have permissions set to only be used after being placed inside the contents of our tanks. Once inside, the aquarium will update and add the new textures to the existing list that came with your tank. Please do not IM support asking why you can not use our textures to apply to your own builds, as they are not intended to be used that way. If you are unsure about the way the textures should be used, please read all pre purchase information before purchasing our textures.

Adding textures to your tank is simple. you can even upload your own to include in your tank.

  1. If applying an external texture like wood simply drag and drop the texture onto the face of the prim you wish to texture. Some of our tanks like the Polaris range allow you to easily colour and texture your aquarium via a clever colour cube. Simply select Edit on your aquarium and it will open allowing you to change the colour or texture of a cube that is positioned inside. Any changes you make to this cube will effect the tank.
  2. For internal textures that work with the likes of gravel or background textures in our aquariums, you will need to place the texture inside the contents of the prim holding the existing textures.
  3. Open edit window and select your tank.
  4. Now select Edit Linked Parts from Edit window and click on the child prim that contains the default textures to edit it.
  5. Go to the Contents tab of the prim and drag the new textures you wish to add from your inventory into your contents folder of your tank texture prim.
  6. The unit will auto update and be ready for use.

Invisible Items

Some items may be transparent or hard to select (bubbles, stones or small fish etc), so it is a good idea to press Ctrl Alt T on your keyboard to have small or invisible items show up, making it easier for you to position them. Pressing Ctrl Alt T will hide the red invisible items from your screen. Try doing this outside in a clear area or over a white flat prim in your home to help you see things better.

Multi Selecting Items

To select more than one fish or item in world, open edit window, press and hold your Shift key, then drag a yellow selection box over your objects that you wish to edit. Now you can position the whole lot in one go. Use the position arrow lines to guide items into the tank.

  • Tip: don't move too fast or LAG may cause things to slip from your grouped objects.

Maintaining Your Tank

Do some of your poor fish stick out of your tank while swimming? Simply follow the steps above to edit items inside your tank. Make sure not to move the whole tank itself. If you do make a mistake while positioning an item, press Ctrl Z to snap the item back into its original position.

We hope these beautiful looking tanks gives you as much pleasure as it gives us creating them.

Don't forget to check back for more fish and goodies.

Take care and thanks for visiting us.


If you feel your item may be at fault or something is not working to your expectations, please take a look through our support portal here. We only offer support via instant message in game once the pass code has been given. The password for this support page is "Starfish".

Aquarium Home Installation Service

Does the thought of setting up up an aquarium seem to daunting for you? We offer our no-nonsense home installation service to you.