Anti-lag Rezzer

Anti-Lag Free-swimming Creature Rezzer

The Anti-Lag Free Swimming Creature rezzer is our solution to minimise lag generated by the constant loading of avatars and other objects in a sim. You can see a demo of the rezzer at our shop.

When you teleport into a busy sim, the large amount of content that is contained in the sim has to be sent to you. This uses a lot of sim resources as each image is rendered for the resident. Under heavy sim load, our rezzer's will intelligently pause any rezzing of our animals and thus reducing the additional load on the sim. Not only that, but the system comes with its very own sim performance monitor which accurately monitor sim performance and adjust the rezzer's accordingly. There are many causes of "lag", but our rezzer's handle the issues that affect you from the server side. If you live in a busy or highly populated sim, our smart rezzer's will be a breath of lag free air for you. We are proud to say that we use our rezzer's in our main shop, and they help a great deal when customers tp in and out.

Rezzer Guide

Thank you for purchasing this item. We strive to provide our customers with the best quality and affordable items. Please take some time to look over these brief instructions.

Note: Our rezzer will ONLY work with fish purchased from The Virtual Aquarium. Not with other third party fish you may have purchased from other pet stores.

Contents of Box

  • 1 Anti-lag Rezzer
  • 1 Sim Anti Lag Scanner
Anti-lag Rezzer

Configuring Your Rezzer

  1. Take out your Sim Anti-Lag Scanner (you only need one out per sim) and place it somewhere in your home.
  2. Take out your Anti-Lag Rezzer.
  3. Take a fish from your inventory and place it into the Rezzer contents. You can put them in individually or as a grouped object.
  4. Left click on the Rezzer and you'll see the config menu. From here you can adjust various options like the Frequency your fish are rezzed out at, fullbright option and speed of your fish.
  5. Press the "Align" option and resize the rezzer to fit inside your aquarium boundary.
  6. Once you are happy with your settings, simply select a rezzing option to start rezzing fish.
  7. If you want to populate your new aquarium with fish that you want to remain out permanently, select Rez Once from the rezzer menu. Your fish will rez only once but stay out in world until you delete them.
  8. If you have a large collection of fish but not enough prims to show them all, select the Rez Temp option. The rezzer will then randomly select one fish to rez at a time, and they will only remain out in world for a short time before auto-deleting. This way you can add variety to your aquatic display without having to worry about running out of prims.
  9. Reset: clears and changes you made and resets the script to the default factory setting.

Rezzer Alignment

To use the rezzer inside an aquarium, there is one simple thing that you need to remember. Always keep the rezzer at ZERO_ROTATION. This is because the fish choose a distance between the X and Y axis and rezzer scale Z as their swim distance. If you twist the rezzer at an angle more or less than the default rotation, this will cause the fish to swim outside of the confines of the rezzer. The rezzer will auto-align to ZERO_ROTATION once it is active.

Correct Rotation: Rezzer is ZERO_ROTATION. Fish stay inside the border of the rezzer. 
Wrong Rotation: Fish will swim outside of the borders. 

Sim Monitor Guide

If you choose to use the Anti-Lag Sim Monitor with your rezzer, it will monitor your sim performance levels and pause the rezzer should the sim become lagged down for any reason. This will help prevent further lag by not rezzing any more fish. Rezzing a few small fish is not really "laggy" in itself, although the less work a sim has to do in order to recover from heavy load the better. Usage is very straight forward. Simply left click on the Sim Monitor prim and choose START. That's all there is to it!

Now you won't have to worry about your pets being lost in the lag. And you can sit back smugly knowing that you are doing your part to keep Second Life from becoming Second Lag.


Do not use too many rezzer's or a rapid rez speed as this will drag down sim FPS performance with all the object rezzing.

NO NOT place a rezzer box inside another rezzer box. This will be very bad and quickly eat up all the prim on your land as the rez boxes are not "temp on rez". Only place fish inside your rezzer's.

You can place fish into the rezzer in small grouped objects. We recommend abut 6 fish per group. See our store displays for a demo setup.

You should not use this rezzer if you plan on using the aquarium on a slant or "kitty-cornered". Please leave the rezzer at ZERO-ROTATION if you are planning on using the rezzer inside an aquarium.

FAQ & Support

Q. I have fish rezzing correctly, but they are not moving, they are just in a big pile in the middle!

A. You need to ensure that you have physics turned on in your region. If you ar a group land owner ensure that physics is enabled with your estate manager.

Q. If I link the rezzer to my aquarium will it still work?

A. Yes. Although, we don't offer support if you do this. When an object is linked to another we can not guarantee that it will function as we intended it to, since it was not designed to be used in this way.

Q. Do I have to use the rezzer when putting fish outside on my beach?

A. It is entirely up to you. Our fish can be used with or without the rezzer. However, the rezzer makes things so much easier for locating and managing large numbers of fish all at once.

Q. My fish try to quickly swim outside the rezzer when rezzed.

A. This sounds like the fish has not been correctly stopped before being put inside the rezzer, and is trying to quickly swim to an old location.

  1. Drop the fish to the ground.
  2. Left click it to see the options menu.
  3. Press STOP and wait for fish to stop swimming.
  4. Pick up the fish to your inventory.
  5. Place correctly stopped fish inside the rezzer.

Q. I have my tank kitty-cornered in my room, but the fish keep swimming out of the tank!

A. You need to keep the rezzer at ZERO_ROTATION. Please see the rezzer alignment guide above.