"Hi, my name is Supa Shang. I'm one of the many thousands of residents of ®Second Life, who love nothing more than to create content for our virtual world. We use programs like "GIMP", "Blender", "Photoshop" and others to create the products you use in your digital world."


Thank you for your interest in our items. If you wish to contact us, please use the Space Bums Central group in Second Life®, send us an instant message or email.

In-world Help

We offer support in Second Life® through instant message. Direct your queries to Supa Shang or Lexi Lindley, and we'll do our best to get back to you. Please note, if we're offline or slow to answer it's because we have a first life too :D

Group Help

If the creator of the item is not available, please use our Space Bums Central group which is free to join to ask your questions. Please note, that these people are not the creator of the item you paid for. They simply use our items and are familiar with them, enough to assist other customers.

Email Support

If you feel that their help is not suited to your query, then please email us using the email address listed on Supa's profile. While group members may not be able to provide a solution to your query right away, they will be able to pass your questions on to the relevant person who created your item.

If your query is regarding a purchase, please note that we may ask you for proof of purchase information before we can assist you. This will include your item transaction number and location of where you bought the item including vendor names where applicable. Please be specific in your questions and included short and to the point details to help us help you. Entering a conversation with our support members without the necessary information will just waste your time and ours. In any case, we are glad to hear from you.

News and Updates

We post many of our news articles or update news to our in-world groups and also on social media. Feel free to join our in-world groups for news and updates. You can also find us on Twitter @spacebums