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Freelance Android Developer & Technology Expert

I am a Freelance Android developer based in Berlin, Germany.

I specialise in building end to end Android Applications ranging from the ideation phase to global launch and beyond. I enjoy building beautiful and stable apps with seamless Material UI.

My expertise lies in clean architectural design, identifying code smells, legacy code and refactoring to highly maintainable quality code among others.

I help discover pressing issues for companies and transform their customer experience into a delightful one resulting in happy long term engagements.

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Being a Woman in IT

A brief chat about my journey starting from being engineer in a MNC to moving to startups as project manager, founding my own startup and moving to Berlin Germany.

I also talk about the differences in IT in India and Germany. I also provide some pointers as to what kinda workplaces appeal and makes me stay.

Fun with Friends

Engineer To Entrepreneur | Teresa Holfeld

As a part of Coder Bee's Anniversary and Women's month 2021 we spoke to some amazing women engineers. 👯‍♀️

Teresa is a friend and a thriving Entrepreneur in the field of App development in Hamburg. She is the founder of Hamburg Coding School and her agency Small and Modern. Do check out her message for women in IT.

Seva - Community Work

Founder of Coder Bee

Coder Bee is a Berlin based co-learning community for women and minorities in IT to learn programming. The community helps empower each other, support and grow together in our career goals.