How have we started?

How S.N.H started ?

Alain Bayongwa, born on March 27, 1988 in Bukavu, South Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo, is a Congolese lawyer and human rights activist.

Elder of his father Bashi Chibugu and his mother Assinatha Nandola, he completed his primary studies at the Imani Panzi Institute in Bukavu. His secondary education was made at Imani Panzi High school in general pedagogy, Bukavu, Panzi. After a year spent at the Faculty of Law at the State University of Bukavu, he moved to live in Goma, where he will be graduated in law from the Free University of Great lakes Countries. Joining in 2013 the UDPS-Goma party of the opposition to late Etienne Tshisekedi Wamulumba where he will be voted after a long struggle a youth league president of North-Kivu, not having found his vision in political carrier, decided to move into the humanitarian world in 2014.

He was lucky to have ability in several languages including English, French, Swahili, Lingala, Mashi, and Spanish (he self-formed in Spanish), according to him, it was not easy but because of his big courage and abnegation to get there. All this is meant to be a world citizen by being at least able to communicate his vision with people from everywhere in the world.

Me Alain Bayongwa is now coordinating the Sowers of New Hope NGO.

Interested in helping and defending the rights of the most destitute since his young age, whenever he could see an indigent person arriving to his home, he could run quickly into the house to get him some food even on his parents absence, he could even deprive himself of some his money to assist the poorest.

It was then that he enrolled at the faculty of law in 2009 and created in 2014 Sowers of New Hope "Semeur de nouvel espoir" S.N.H. created in view of the multiple disasters caused by the conflicts of wars in repetition In the Eastern provinces of the DR. Congo, which had a negative impact on the population marked by: The marginalization of the vulnerable within the community, repetition violence against women and minors, Destruction of biodiversity, Loss In human lives, Severe malnutrition, especially for children under five, Poverty in orphaned households in war and HIV / AIDS, Systematic human rights violations, social injustice in children, High rates of HIV / AIDS and other STI infections, persistent insecurity in settings, etc.

Considering the socio-economic context of DR.Congo in general and the Eastern Congo in particular, understood that it is possible to regroup the local and international benefactors in association for an integral development of the environment and the respect of the human rights are the points which have hit his vision of sowing new hope or faith to the indigents to create the SOWERS OF NEW HOPE,; (+243) 970730567, 827933867.

"I do not want to keep watching my mothers, sisters and brothers suffer so much like this. " If Dr. Martin Luther King Junior, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Patrice Emery, Lumumba, Dr. Denis Mukwege, etc. Why not me? " He asked to himself. Let's well say that he inspired himself by these big personalities who positively marked and helped the world through their good leadership.

It is by following these reasons that this young intellectual leader is also invested himself in the struggle to raise awareness and awaken the various young people who constitute the forces and the hope of tomorrow; It is with different aspects observed and lived among the Congolese youth. Young people are allowed to do anything, some despise, isolate themselves and others neglect that "together we can do something better". He said.

Principles guide him:

1. In life, you have two choices in the morning: either you lie down to continue dreaming, or you raise yourself to realize your dreams;

2. All our dreams can become reality if only we have the courage to pursue them;

3. Let your dreams change your reality, do not let your reality change your dreams;

4. If I help a person to have hope, I will not have lived in vain;

5. The bee is honored because it works not for itself but for all;

6. Whoever wants to do something finds a way, who does not want to do anything finds an excuse;

7. Everything is difficult before it is simple;

8. Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world;

9. If you can rob you of what you have, who can rob you of what you gave?

10. As long as a man has not yet discovered something for which he is ready to do, he is not able to do anything in his life;

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