Women Empowerment (Sewing and Embroidery Education):

  • Jan'15: Lack of occupation is one of the key reasons that leads towards vulnerability of Women in Nyiragongo. We designed an education program consisting in sewing and embroidery training for 40 Women.

S.N.H. held a formation on the education of the 50 leaders women to the elections processes of 2017, in Bugamba Nyiragongo Territory. On 9 to 10 September 2016. Thanks to the EUPEAN UNION via PAIF.


In the question to know what are the suffering and problems that face this children who live in the street? This lead us activists of S.N.H. NGO to do two visits one in date of the 08/10/08/2015 and another in date of the 08/17/2015 to these street children of the Katindo-Sake Road next to the Alanine market, in Entrée Président. So we found that so many street children are orphan of father or mother, or either of this two at a time, very resourceless, they often pass all day and the night without eating. During these visits we shared meal with them distribute the dresses and shoes thanks to the contributions S.N.H. members.

On this 45 children living in the Katindo Saké Street

According to their sex:

• 40 were of boys

• And 5 were of girls

According to their age:

  • The children whose age varies between 3 to 12 years: 70%
  • The children whose age varies between 12 to 17 years: 30%

Among others the major problems:

  • Food and nutritional problems,
  • Lacks of the sanitary care,
  • Sartorial problems,
  • Lacks of access to the school and parental education,
  • Traumatisms and psychological others,
  • Problems of legal insecurity,
  • Moral and physic violence ( sexual, etc.)

The reasons:

This according to them and other sources signal that some are in the street is because either:

  • Death of the parents or one,
  • Abandoned by the parents,
  • Big poverty in the family,
  • After the war,
  • Defect of the parents to answer their primary needs,
  • Defect of knowledge of their parents and members of the family,
  • Have been thrown in the street by the mother,
  • Polygamy of the father or the mother,
  • Accused wizard,
  • The child had committed a damage home and he is escaped himself of it until in the road,
  • The alcoholism of the parents,
  • Prostitution of one of parents,
  • Etc.


The S.N.H. recommends:

A. To the administrative politico authorities to really want to care about these children who also have some rights as their children and all Congolese children :

  • To put a mechanism of registration in place for all,
  • To put a system of framing in formation professional arts and professions for these whose age varies between 12 and 17 years,
  • To make write down the others whose age varies between 6 and 12 years in the normal school,
  • To take measure capable to permit that of other children to meet shortly in the street,

B. To people of good will and to the humanitarian to sustain the S.N.H

  • In these efforts undertook aiming to school these children already,
  • To open a center of orientation in different professions and professional formations,

C. To the researchers

To really want to lead their researches on the problematic of the street children here in oder to propose other tracks of solutions that should be used to resolve this situation.

Children Education & Nutrition projects:

  • Oct'16: After 2 years of research, we discovered that >10% of children showed malnutrition leves in Bugamba and Kiziba. So we created a project to prevent malnutrition in this territory, feeding and nourishing 35 children (48% of total children with malnutrition).


Humanitarian Visits:

  • Dec'16: We visited and gave humanitarian aid to vulnerable children and women of the Bugamba and Kizibas villages.
  • Additionally, in this region more than 230 children don't have access to education. We are contributing to the education of the resource-less children by taking 23 children (both girls and boys) to school (School year 2016-2017).

We focused on medical assistance to children with malnutrition and visited sources of water to build wells for the orphanage.

The 26 /08/2016 the activists of S.N.H had organized an aid in favor of the resourceless orphan children, malnourished and to other vulnerable children of Bugamba village and Kiziba.

These children had benefited from the quality food to prepare out of the S.N.H center and the dresses and notebooks for those that already enjoy the taken in school charge the S.N.H.

Fighting poverty and Pacification project through literacy and weaving pastic baskets work learning for vulnerable women of bugamaba and kiziba village, bukumu chiefdom, mudja group, nyiragongo territory.

Need more information?

Write us to:

Address: Kiziba Villlage, Mudja Grouping, Nyiragongo, Goma, North-Kivu Province, Republic Democratic of Congo.

Phone number: +243 971 623 348, +24 850 833 339

The first image above: Gold Leaf 2010. Artisanal miner with gold dust found panning a stream in Mungbwalu, Ituri Province, Orientale. 
Courtesy of the artist @Richard Mosse.