Sowers of New Hope is a non governmental organization of human rights and sustainable communities development of the Democratic Republic of Congo. But especially in the eastern party, where women and children are a long time victims of several wars since 1996 .

Sowers of New Hope focuses mainly on: the promotion of human rights and sustainable community development in the country.

Specific objectives:

1. Helping orphans, "mother-daughters", victims of sexual violence and HIV, Widows and idlers, "street children", other victims of the various socio-economic conflicts in eastern DR.Congo, the elderly people, and people with disabilities;

2. Promote human rights, and peace and peaceful resolution of conflicts;

Combat sexual, other gender-based violence against HIV / AIDS, STIs, malnutrition, and drugs;

3. Promoting leadership, entrepreneurship, agriculture, livestock, environmental protection, fighting unemployment and poverty;

4. Promote the education of vulnerable youth and children through the creation of schools and artisanal, cultural and vocational training centers;


Until now the S.N.H. didn't yet achieve its total vision, cause of missing the material, and financial means. That why, it calls on all persons of good will in struggle together with him.


Is partner of the S.N.H. all physical or moral person able to contribute to its success" one hand can not wash the face" says an African adage.


The S.N.H. dream of The Eastern Congo a well developed society within the men, women, children and young live in their human rights and human dignity.


Our mission is to mobilize all good will people to join us to sow a new hope in the hearts of the Eastern DR.Congo vulnerable people through the promotion of their rights and through the activities to bring them development.

Image above: Mother Lukweti 2011. A mother with child outside their home in the village of Lukweti.

Courtesy of the artist @Richard Mosse.