Hello and thank you for checking out our audition page! We are happy to announce that the Souza Scholarship Summer 2019 Production will be All Shook Up!

What: Auditions for the Souza Scholarship Production of "All Shook Up "

When: Monday, 5/13 from 4:30-7:30pm and Tuesday 5/14 from 4:30-7:30pm

Where: Sapphire Elementary School (159 Harriman Heights Road Harriman, NY 10926 )

To Audition:

Register for an audition time below. Please bring with you sheet music, a resume, and a headshot. You will be required to sing a brief excerpt of a musical theatre song and recite a monologue.

All Shook Up will be performed on July 26th, 27th, and 28th at Central Valley Elementary. Rehearsals will be held at Central Valley Elementary throughout May, June, and July in the evening. Please be sure that you are available July 22nd-25th for tech week. All other conflicts will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

Please read our FAQ’s below before registering.


Should I Audition?

Do you love the theatre? Do you love being apart of a wonderful group of people and working together to put on the best production possible? Then yes! However, you should only audition if you are willing to be in the show in any role or capacity. Simply auditioning for one part or a "primary role" only and ultimately not getting it could ruin your experience. A good standard is to ask yourself the question: Will I be happy if I get cast in any role, from ensemble all the way up to the "lead"? If you answer yes, then you should audition! If the answer is no, then maybe you should reconsider.

How do I register to audition for All Shook Up?

By clicking on the “Register” link below. It will take you to a sign-up genius site. Simply fill out the information and select the time that you would like to audition. Each person will receive a five-minute time slot. Then click “register.” Then you are all set.

When should I show up for my audition?

10-15 minutes early from your chosen audition time. We always try to run early. Plus, this gives you time to sign in.

What if the time I wanted to register for is already taken?

Choose another time.

What if I have a major conflict that allows me to only audition at a specific time that is already taken?

*sigh* Then contact us and we will work something out.

Do I have to register?

You must, you must.

Does it cost money to audition for/participate in All Shook Up?

No. This is not a pay-to-play event.

What is the age range for auditioning for/participating in All Shook Up?

All Shook Up is open to any teenagers, roughly ages 14-18. Or in grade terms: Those entering freshman year of high school next year all the way up to those finishing their freshman year of college.

I don’t attend the Monroe-Woodbury School District. Can I still audition for/ participate in All Shook Up?

Yes, of course. All Shook Up is open to any student who fits the age descriptions above regardless of school, address, etc.

What do I have to do to audition?

    • You will be required to sing a song of your own choosing that shows off your vocal range. Roughly 32-64 bars in length (or, about a minute long).

    • You will be required to recite a short monologue of your own choosing. No longer than one minute in length.

    • You will be required to bring with you a resume (a template will also be provided at auditions to those who do not have one) and a headshot. The headshot does not need to be professional. A simple selfie or school photo will do.

What kind of song should I sing? How long should it be?

You should pick a musical theatre song IN THE STYLE OF THE SHOW. It should be 32-64 bars in length, or roughly about a minute in length Pick a section that really shows off your range. We will be looking for character, pitch, tone, range, etc. You may choose a song from the show.

Do I have to pick my own song?

Yes. is your friend. You can even change the key if you’d like. We won’t mind - as long as it’s good.

Do I have to bring sheet-music or can I sing with a track/acapella?

Sheet-music, please. An accompanist will be provided.

What kind of monologue should I choose?

A comedic monologue. About a minute in length. There are plenty of 30 or 60 second monologues online. Or go to the library and read through the play’s they have there.

Do I have to pick my own monologue?

Yes, we will not be providing monologues for you. However, if you are having trouble finding some, please contact us and we will help you out as best we can.

I’m going away on vacation for a week. Does this disqualify me from auditioning?

Of course not, as long as it’s not tech week or performance weekend. It’s summer, we understand people have vacation plans or some minor work conflicts and we try to work around them as best we can. That being said, all conflicts are dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

When are callbacks?

Friday, May 17th from 5-8pm at Central Valley Elementary.

How will I be notified if I receive a callback?

Via phone. A representative from the creative team will reach out to you by Wednesday night to let you know if you have received a callback.

If I didn’t receive a callback, does that mean I didn’t make the show?

Of course not. Not everyone will be granted a callback.

Do you cut people at Souza?

The decision to cut students who have auditioned for the show is a difficult one to make. We always try to include as many people as possible in our production. Sometimes in past years, we have been able to accept everyone who auditioned. Sadly, there have also been a few years where we have cut people. It's a decision solely made based on that years show, the turnout we have for auditions, and our given circumstances.

How will I be notified if I made the show?

Via phone. We will begin making our calls on Saturday, May 18th.

How will i be notified if I didn’t make the show?

Via email. So be sure to check your email on 5/18 and 5/19.

What happens if I cannot make the audition dates?

If you are unable to attend either day due to a sincere conflict (dealt with on a case-by-case basis) please contact us as soon as possible so we are able to come up with an alternative plan.

I heard that Souza does a trip to the city. Will you be doing that again this summer?

That's the plan.

Is it mandatory to go on the trip or is it optional?

It's completely optional. We would love for as many people as possible to join us, but we understand that it's expensive or on a date/time that would not allow some to join us.

What show are you going to be seeing? What workshop will you be participating in?

To Be Determined.

Remember, the key to a good audition is preparation! Break a leg!

Any questions or concerns can be addressed by emailing us at or via the contact form on our website.