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Instructions and Materials Neded to Install a Sump Pump

When installing a sump pump, head to the lowest part of your basement to find the tank that'll have a heavy cover over it with a discharge pipe coming up out of the top of it. There should be a conduit or an electrical wire close, too. If the pump is up like a commode, there should be a motor over the lid.

Here are the materials you need for installing a sump pump:

  • sump pump

  • drill, with drill bits and hole saw

  • post hole digger

  • filter fabric

  • pre-mixed concrete

  • sledgehammer

  • gravel or crushed stone

  • 12"-diameter corrugated drain pipe or 5-gallon bucket

  • PVC primer and cement

  • check valve

  • PVC pipe and connectors

  • hacksaw

  • Teflon tape

  • wrench

  • measuring tape

  • work gloves and safety glasses

Install Your Sump Pump

Installing a sump pump can be a pretty easy do-it-yourself project if you know what to do. By installing it yourself, you can save a lot of money and can provide protection for your basement and its contents.

After assembling all the products and materials that you will need for installing a sump pump, the process tends to go pretty fast.If this is a new build that you're trying to install on, begin by clearing away concrete from where the pump will need to be installed. And dig a pit with the post hole digger about 2 feet in diameter by 2 feet deep.

Drill some holes into the large corrugated draining material or 5-gallon bucket to make a liner for the pit. When done, wrap the filter fabric around the liner to stop debris from passing through the holes.

Drop a couple of inches of crushed rock in side the pit, and then drop the liner on top of them. Hopefully the top of liner will be flush with the floor - if not, adjust rock underneath it as necessary. Fill in any gaps round the liner with crushed rock, and then seal the gap with concrete.

While this dries, wrap tape around PVC connector threads, tighten to pump, maneuver pipes to drain outdoors, place in pit, hook up to drain and you're done.

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