Home Visits

House Call Scheduling for South Davis Veterinary Center

Home visits let us to come to you. Pets with limited mobility, pets with anxiety, or multiple pets with concurrent medical issues may prefer a home visit.

Dr Yackey or Dr Bradley and one assistant can examine your pet indoors or outside, wherever you feel most comfortable. We will bring equipment to gather vital statistics, lab samples, and administer vaccines. Every attempt will be made to accomplish your goals in a low stress manner. However, not every house call goes according to plan. So, we have outlined some basic criteria to guide this process:

You are responsible for your pet being available to be examined. If your cat is hiding under the bed and won’t come out, you are still charged the home visit fee. If your pet is normally docile in the clinic, but will not tolerate an exam, the visit fee is not refunded.

House call appointments are not for emergency situations and there are some examinations or treatments that will not be feasible in the home setting. You will be asked to schedule an appointment at the office.

House call appointments must be scheduled at least 5 days in advance of the appointment. We want to reduce fuel costs, help the environment, and use our time efficiently, so we try to schedule appointments in the same geographic area. If you are not home when we arrive on time, we will wait 15 minutes before leaving, but you will still be billed for our efforts. If we are too late to accommodate your schedule, we will reschedule for another time but not charge a second fee.

When scheduling a home visit, please leave 2 time slot requests. Once we agree on a time, you will provide payment to confirm and secure the appointment. We understand that sometimes there are situations where you need to alter your schedule. Cancellations at least 72 hours prior to the home visit will result in a full refund of your visit fee.

Base cost is $140 per visit but this counts toward all services provided and our house call fees are the same as in-hospital. This base charge is paid via credit card over the phone or in person at South Davis Veterinary Center to book the appointment.

Example 1, we come out and perform just an exam ($70) on your pet: the home visit fee is $140.

Example 2, we perform an exam ($70), a heartworm test ($40.50 )and two vaccinations ($57.40) the total bill is $167.90. At the conclusion of the appointment you would pay the additional $27.90.

To request a home visit: please click here to submit the request form.

Thank you!