This is a collective assortment of links to other groups and organizations that can help answer questions about your pets. Some are for vital emergencies, like the poison center. Others are for general interest and browsing. Please follow your interests and feel free to suggest more that you find helpful. There are a great many websites out there and we can’t discover them all. As our collection expands we hope to broaden the discussion to other areas of interest.

Emergency Pet Care

UC Davis has a great 24 hour ICU. They also have some the brightest and most experienced doctors and technicians you’ll find anywhere. We are lucky to be so close and have access to their services.

ASPCA is an excellent resource if your pet has eaten a poison, cleanser, fertilizer, inappropriate medication, etc.

Vista Veterinary Specialists is another great emergency clinic that is open 24 hours.

Solano-Napa Pet Emergency is a great emergency clinic that is closer to the Vacaville/Fairfield area.

Does your cat have asthma? Are you starting to use an inhaler for treatment? Click here for an informational video on how to train your cat to use the inhaler!


Thinking Dogs by Nancy Abplanalp (530) 400-3270

Wag Hotel (916) 373-0300

Elite Dog Training (916) 372-4700


Wag Hotel (916) 373-0300

Elite Dogs (916) 372-4700

Dixon Pet Resort (707) 678-6772

Woodland Veterinary Hospital (530) 666-2461

Veterinary Pet Insurance

Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI) - The oldest pet insurance provider offering defined benefit plans for illness, injury, and wellness. Their published schedule lets you know what you will get back for a given condition. Check them out first.

Pet’s Best - started by a former officer at VPI offering a PPO style reimbursement schedule.

Trupanion - more for accidents than wellness plans, but increased coverage for juvenille and congenital diseases. Very easy to get a quote. Several advantages over other plans.

Embrace Pet Insurance - covers accidents and illnesses with an option to add in wellness coverage

Pet Insurance Review - pretty much a for pet insurance. Owner based reviews of the many insurance companies

We are a donation site for Pets of the Homeless! We accept either cat or dog food. Click here to find out more information about Pets of the Homeless.

Looking to adopt a new furry family member? Try:

Humane Society


Sacramento SPCA

Lost/Found Pets:

  • Call your local veterinarians
  • Call local animal shelters
  • Check the Lost Pets page on Craigslist
  • Check the Davis Lost and Found Facebook page


Veterinary Partner - a website sponsored by the Veterinary Information Network full of good information.

Balance IT - a useful website when formulating diets for your pet.

Catalyst Council - a website promoting feline health

Winn Feline Foundation - a website with cat health research