At South Davis Veterinary Center, we are all members of a team that is dedicated to delivering excellent patient care and exceptional client communication. We need to coordinate our efforts to share workload and to communicate effectively with one another during the day. Our hospital organization is unique in that we are all cross-trained to every position to the best of our abilities and professional licensure. We want our clients to feel that our skills and our compassion can handle any situation that may arise while we are delivering the highest quality medicine we can offer. Our aim is to promote optimal health for each of our patients, so that they can remain in the good company of their human companions as long as possible.

This means that we will constantly be pushing ourselves to learn new skills and grow as people. We will strive to embrace an atmosphere of mutual support and goodwill where we build each other up, not tear each other down. We want each member of our team to have pride in him or herself, in the medicine we offer our patients, in the love we show our clients, and in what we can achieve by working together.

In general, everybody at SDVC is a receptionist and helps clients on the phone and in person during the day. If you chose the veterinary field because you want to work with animals and not people then this is not the job for you.

We have two support staff positions existing at SDVC:


All people master this position because we expect the entire staff to be cross trained and this is the minimum requirement. This position includes all the skills that would be required of a veterinary receptionist and an unlicensed veterinary assistant.


Our hospital does utilize the RVT position as defined by the Veterinary Practice Act and encourages our RVT’s to learn to utilize the skills commensurate with licensure. Our RVTs do not graduate out of helping clients on the phone and in person because we want our clients to have contact with our highly knowledgeable staff.

Yes, we do have benefits. Full time employees will qualify for health care and retirement benefits, gym membership, professional licensure fees and continuing education costs, and sick leave and vacation pay.

If you think your goals and skills blend well with our philosophy, please send a cover letter and resume to These will be reviewed by the office manager, and you may be notified of an opportunity for employment.

*Veterinarians interested in applying to South Davis Veterinary Center should send a cover letter, resume, and schedule of availability to These will be reviewed by the Medical Director, who will contact you personally if interested in employment.