Equipment / Services

Our P.K.E. meter is so sensative it can pick up even the smallest of ghost, Geist, or demon

We use only the very latest in subatomic neutrino wands and proton technology

Our patented Muon ghost trap is number on in the industry

We own and operate our own ectomobile

On call 24 hours a day including Holidays

all Equipment is operated by highly trained professionals who are prompt, fast, and courteous


Ghost Consulting

We will investigate any strange behaviors that your refrigerator might be exhibiting

Public Removal

Did you see something weird at the Park? Give us a call and we can remove any unwanted specters

Commercial Elimination

Is your business haunted? We have a very discreet team of investigators who can arrive on scene and take care of your problems

Closing Transdimensional Rifts

We have worked on a proprietary method of closing any transdimensional rifts in your apartment complex or museum

"We're ready to believe you"


Louis Tully Tax Accountant and CPA

"I was a participant in the biggest interdimensional cross rip since the Tunguska blast of 1909!

Dana Barret Professional Concert Cellist

"The Ghostbusters believed me when no one else did. There was a monster in my kitchen and I was turned into a dog, but the SDGB team gave me the help I needed"

Megan and Kenny Carter Local Children

The Boogie man would come out of our closet every night and scare my brother and me. The Ghostbusters came and sealed him in his dimension forever. Thanks South Dakota Ghostbusters we can sleep soundly again.